Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 2nd December

Births appear to be a bit thin on the ground but include, among others, Emperor of Brazil Pedro II was magnanimous in knowing his birthdate from 1825. Employer of clowns with a few animals thrown in for good measure, circus owner Charles Edward Ringling swung by in 1863. Joseph Russell Lynes Jr., or just Russell Lynes – managing editor of Harper’s Magazine got his facts right having been born in 1910. Fashion designer of overpriced gaudy garments, Giovanni Maria Versace had a decent hue in 1946. Host of syndicated radio shows across America, Robert James ‘Bob’ Kevoian had his first sound check in 1950. Television journo co-hosting various news programmes, Stone Stockton Phillips made a good job dropping anchor in 1954. One third of revamped Charlie’s Angels, Lucy Alexis Liu experienced detachment in 1968. Wearer of short skirts whilst running around tennis courts, Monica Seles had the advantage in 1973. Also born that year, road cyclist who bagged gold and silver medals at the Sydney Olympics before ‘doing a Lance’, Jan Ulrich wobbled his way through. Sort of Portuguese/Canadian singer, who seems to have gone a bit quiet Nelly Kim Furtado wasn’t in god’s hands when born in 1978. One time member of the Mickey Mouse Club, before shaving her hair and heading to Vegas, Britney Jean Spears was in (or rather out) of the zone in 1981.

As for deaths, writer of some fairly kinky books, (apparently a bit more racy than 50 Shades of Grey), Donatien Alphonse François, Marquis de Sade didn’t experience the pain he wanted when he died in 1814. Having mentioned his brother Charles, (above), here’s another Ringling – this one John Nicholas Ringling did his falling off the perch act in 1936. Dead Norwegian of the day, Johan Nordahl Brun Greig who went by the shortened title Nordahl Greig experienced freedom in 1943. Not Harrison Ford, the American actor, but Harrison Ford, the, err, American actor, kept quiet over his passing in 1957. Legendary bug eyed comedian, Martin Alan ‘Marty’ Feldman didn’t have the last laugh in 1982. Having mentioned drug lord and unofficial zoo keeper Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria only yesterday, here he is again seeing as he marched off in 1993. Old biddies favourite wrestler with a girls name, Shirley Crabtree gets his second mention within a month given he didn’t have a false finish in 1997. Bollywood actress Preeti Ganguly found her sari surplus to requirements in 2012. Finally, founder of Orangina Jean-Claude Beton stopped shaking in 2013.


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