Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 3rd December

King Charles VI of France who was also known as ‘the Beloved’ and then ‘the Mad’ kicks today’s posting off given he was ‘the tranquil’ in 1368. Early day Pointer at a map hoping for the weather to be right, (nothing new there then), meteorologist Cleveland Abbe found things wet and windy in 1838. Also born that year was open space activist Octavia Hill who found she had more space than she knew what to do with once born. Co-founder of company bearing his name, Charles Alfred Pillsbury was a self raising child from 1842. Rajendra Prasad, first President of the Republic of India, not to mention wearer of little hats and a fine moustache, didn’t suffer separation issues from his mum in 1884. American crooner Howard Andrew ‘Andy’ Williams was born free in 1927. Film director Jean-Luc Godard was a bit breathless after his arrival in 1930. Actor/singer Paul Nicholas started going to his grandma’s party from 1945. Shuffling pebble glass wearer who shouts his wife’s name, John Michael ‘Ozzy’ Osbourne wasn’t paranoid when born in 1948, as that came later. Identical twin dwarfs known for scooting about on their Segways, John & Greg Rice were motivated enough to be born in 1951. Comedian Melvin Kenneth ‘Mel’ Smith didn’t make the nine o’clock news in 1952. Hogger of sofas on dull morning television programmes, Eamonn Holmes started to like the sound of his own voice from 1959. Famous customer at her favourite English pub – The Sportsman, Mogador, Surrey, Daryl Hannah made a splash in 1960. East German, (but now just German) Olympic ice skater Katarina Witt had a free leg in 1965. Not quite the Polish version of Eddie ‘the Eagle’ Edwards, (although he does have a similar moustache), Adam Hendryk Małysz launched himself into the world back in 1977. Co-founder of file sharing service Napster before going onto be first President of Facebook, Sean Parker went online in 1979. Born into the House of Glüksburg, Norwegian of the day – Prince Sverre Magnus of Norway was welcomed into the fold in 2005.

Death wise, Pope Anastasius IV popped his clogs, or rather monogrammed velvet slippers in 1154. Confidence trickster Gregor MacGregor found he couldn’t get out of his situation in 1845. Archbishop of Canterbury, Archibald Campbell Tait failed to wake up to the bells of Big Ben from 1862. Lens maker Carl Zeiss went out of focus in 1882. Author Robert Louis Balfour Stephenson had his ultimate kidnapping moment in 1894. Third President of Brazil Prudente José de Morais e Barros didn’t get to walk along Copacabana Beach after 1902. Pierre-Auguste Renoir made the wrong impression in 1919. Original owner of the New York Jets, Harry Wismer found he didn’t get any extra time in 1967. Sydney taxi drivers favourite person who could quote any Shakespeare passage, Beatrice (Bea) Miles lost her way in 1973. Black shirt wearer who fronted the fascists in Great Britain, Sir Oswald Ernald Mosley found he had more than a stiff arm in 1980. Singer of various non-charting songs John Paul Larkin, or ‘Scatman John’ certainly let it go in 1999. Finally, Indian actor Dharamdev Anand or ‘Dev’ Anand folded his director’s chair for the last time in 2011.


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