Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 4th December

We celebrate the births of the following today: Francisco Franco Bahamonde or just General Franco, started to dictate things from 1892. Eighth President of India, Ramaswamy Venkataraman started to lead an independent life from his mum in 1910. Star guest of Alcatraz Pris, Alphonse Gabriel ‘Al’ Capone wasn’t prohibited from being born in 1899. First person to scale K2, (who was mentioned on the 20th November when he breathed his last), Lino Lacedelli found his Elvis legs in 1925. Small comedian who liked his Scott & Lyle sweaters whilst sitting in a large chair rambling on about something (before going off at a tangent) and fiddling with his glasses, Ronald Balfour Corbett wasn’t sorry about being born in 1930. Actor from both Little House on the Prairie and Highway to Heaven, Victor Edwin French would have been gentle Ben had he been called that by his parents in 1934. Co-founder of brotherly surf band The Beach Boys, Dennis Carl Wilson had a smiley smile from 1944. Keeping his family’s tradition going, actor Jeffrey Leon ‘Jeff’ Bridges probably had cold feet in 1949. Having mentioned her co-star Mel Smith in Not the Nine O’Clock News only yesterday, Mrs Billy Connelly or Pamela Stephenson didn’t shrink was also born in 1949. Actress Patricia Wettig was a city slicker from Milford Ohio in 1951. Bickering partner to Beyoncé, Shaun Corey Carter who’s down with the kids given he’s better known as Jay-Z was feelin’ it in 1969. Tyra Lynne Banks who earns a living walking up and down fashion runways not wearing a great deal, was gleeful when born in 1973. Oh look! Norwegian of the day belongs to gothic metal band member Morten Veland was beyond the veil after 1977. Rather unfortunately named Chilean footballer Waldo
Ponce, broke through the defences in 1982.

Deaths start with Saint John of Damascus who gave up reading the bible in 749. William the Lion or William I, King of the Scots was feeling more than Garbh (the rough) in 1214. Pope John XXII decided to have an extended lie in from 1334. Robert Banks Jenkinson, 2nd Earl of Liverpool and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom left Downing Street in a slightly larger box than he used to carry in 1828. Physicist and inventor William Sturgeon lost his magnetism in 1850. Having mentioned Charles Dow on 6th November when he was born, here he is again given his stock fell irreversibly in 1902. Dead Norwegian of the day, composer with the rather fine moustache Johan Halvorsen didn’t string along after 1935. Born Irving Lahrheim, but known as Bert Lahr who played the cowardly lion in The Wizard of Oz found it was never too late to die in 1967. Another composer, Edward Benjamin Britten didn’t have his death in Venice as he ended up in Aldeburgh, England from 1976. Voice of both Popeye and Felix the Cat, Jack Mercer not only lost his voice but also his life in 1984. Dad to alternatively named children whilst releasing an excessive amount of albums, Frank Vincent Zappa found himself zapped in 1993. Lionel Giroux the Canadian midget wrestler who went by the name ‘Little Beaver’ had his last timeout in 1995. American rapper Chad Lamont Butler or ‘Pimp C’ handed business on to ‘Pimp D’ in 2007. Finally, Sócrates, (not the Greek philosopher but Brazilian footballer), was on the sidelines from 2011.


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