Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 5th December

Today we see the births of, among others, Guiliano della Rovere who became Pope Julius II found himself blessed to be born in 1443. Eighth President of the United States of America, Martin Van Buren didn’t panic being born in 1782. Probably the most famous United States Army officer for his roles in both the American Civil War and American Indian Wars – George Armstrong Custer had his first stand about a year after 1839. Second of thirteen (!) children – American cowboy and Wild West performer, Willie M. ‘Bill’ Pickett threw himself into life back in 1871. Having mentioned Clyde Vernon Cessna on 20th November when he landed for the last time, here he is again given he had the chocks released in 1879. Cartoonist, film maker and amusement park owner, Walter Elias ‘Walt’ Disney was a sleeping beauty to his parents in 1901. Norwegian of the day, Eva Wenche Steenfeldt Stang, or Wenche Foss, had an open future in 1917. Singer/plonker of the keys minus the wrinkles, born Richard Wayne Penniman but opting to be known as Little Richard, was slippin’ and slidin’ in 1932. Another American singer with songwriter tacked on the end of that mantle, John Weldon (J.J.) Cale had the doctors and nurses outside looking in 78 years ago. Josep Maria Carreras i Coll or as his record label states, José Carreras found himself the only tenor in his family from 1946. André ‘Doctor Dré’ Brown, not the one who flogs oversized headphones, but an American radio personality and former MTV VJ began his show in 1963. Also born that year, English ski jumper who had to wear his glasses to see where the end of the 70m and 90m ski ramps were – Michael ‘Eddie the Eagle’ Edwards. Ronald Antonio ‘Ronnie’ O’Sullivan took the cinch position in 1975.

As for deaths, there don’t appear to be that many to report on today, but we start with King Consort of Scotland and ancient King of France – Francis II was unable feign his death in 1560. Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart, or just Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, saw his sheets cleaned in 1791. Emperor of Brazil mentioned on the 2nd December in honour of his birth, Pedro II lost his enthusiasm in 1891. Battle leader of Hunkpapa Lakota, Native American leader, Gall – dismantled his teepee in 1894. Claude Monet’s days of painting lily ponds and bridges in bright colours were over in 1926. Belgian post-impressionist painter Louis Dewis did a very good impression of dying in 1946. Indian yogi, guru, philosopher etc., Aurobindo Ghose or Sri Aurobindo, fully relaxed in 1950. Baseball player Joseph Jefferson ‘Shoeless Joe’ Jackson, fell off the back stop in 1951. Film/television character actor Frederick Leonard ‘Fred’ Clark failed to get any more work, even as a corpse, from 1968. Princess Alice of Battenberg had her last bit of cake in 1969. Sir Robert Alexander Watson-Watt, significant developer of the radar somewhat ironically dropped off it from 1973. Rabbit toothed former director of family electrical firm bearing his name, Frederik Jacques ‘Frits’ Philips lost reception in 2005. Television producer Alan Armer, had his last show, his funeral, in 2010. Former terrorist who spent a few years in chokey before becoming gaudy shirt wearing President of South Africa, Nelson Rolihlahl Mandela found he didn’t have to see Winnie again after today in 2013. Finally, Queen Fabiola of Belgium found dying wasn’t so fabulous after all in 2014.


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