Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 6th December

There don’t appear to be many births (or deaths) today, so without any further ado, for those of you into old Kings of England you’re in luck given Henry VI of England and disputed King of France ascended the throne a whole nine months after birth in 1421. Not to be outdone, large ermine cape wearing King William II of the Netherlands (or Willem Frederik George Lodewijk) joined the party in 1792. Respected Broadway actress with a theatre there named in her (and her husband’s) honour, Lille Louise ‘Lynn’ Fontanne who consistently lied about her age was born in 1887 and not 1893 as she hoodwinked people into believing. Classic actor from the 1930’s/40’s William Thompson ‘Will’ Hay made his successful debut in 1888. Younger bro to George, Israel ‘Ira’ Gershwin found he got the rhythm right in 1896. Actress Agnes Moorhead had a magnificent obsession over being born in 1900. Co-founder of Baskin Robbins, Irvine ‘Irv’ Robbins was kept warm from 1917. Keijo Erik Rosberg F1 champ from 1982, (and dad to Nico), started running rings round and round (repeat 200 odd times) his parents from 1948. Founder of one of spammers and scammers favourite website, Craig Alexander Newmark listed himself in 1952. Deadpan comedian Steven Alexander Wright wasn’t a lethargic baby in 1955. Creator of plasticine stop motion characters, Nicholas Wulstan ‘Nick’ Park had his creature comforts from 1958. Cricketer/boxer Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff slipped through in 1977.

As for deaths, Saint Nicholas/Nikolaos of Myra found his days of giving gifts somewhat curtailed in 343. King Afonso I of Portugal conquered his coffin in 1185. Pope Clement saw to it he wouldn’t have to give another New Years address in 1353 given he died in 1352. Prolific Victorian novelist Anthony Trollope has been kept in the dark since 1882. Co-founder/editor-in-chief of The New Yorker magazine Harold Wallace Ross had his obit ready for publication in 1951. Brazilian president João Goulart packed away his budgie smugglers in 1976. Franklin Burr Tillstrom stopped ramming his hands up puppets bottoms from this day in 1985. Perpetual sunglasses wearer with the guitar, Roy Kelton Orbison was handled with care at his funeral in 1988. Film noire actor John Howard Payne, didn’t have a fair warning over his demise in 1989. Finally, El-Presidente of Guatemala Carlos Manuel Arana Osorio disappeared himself in 2003.


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