Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 10th December

Having had a bit of a mega day on the births front yesterday, things have settled down a bit and we see the following celebrate their birthday, starting with James I King of Scotland, was no longer in captivity from 1394. Inventor of incomprehensible library index system bearing his name, Melville Louis Kossuth ‘Melvil’ Dewey was a quiet baby in 1851. Co-star of the Road to… films, born Mary Leta Dorothy Kaumeyer, but known as Dorothy Lamour, didn’t have a disputed passage in 1914. Fellow actress who was one of the first scream queens, born Marguerite Gwynne Trice who became known as Anne Gwynne got some early practice in 1918. Fourth Prime Minister of Jamaica Michael Norman Manley gets a name check given he voted with his feet in 1924. Hoss Cartwright in Bonanza, actor Dan Davis Blocker was anything but in 1928. Star of Lassie television programmes before going onto programme computers, Thomas Noel (Tommy) Rettig wasn’t found down a well before being saved by a barking mutt in 1941. Norwegian of the day is another ‘nil point’ contestant in overlong and dull Eurovision Song Contest – Ellen Helen Nikolaysen had freckles as a child in 1951. A year later, the Bee Gees (non) favourite television interviewer Clive Stuart Anderson solicited comment on his birth. Musician known for his hit, ’19’, Paul Hardcastle saw daybreak (by first light) in 1957. Latter day luvvie and ex-Mr E. Thompson, Kenneth Charles Branagh stole the scene in 1960. American version of Gordon Ramsey, (minus the grooved forehead, funny chin and potty mouth), Robert William ‘Bobby’ Flay left the oven in 1964. Drummer with defunct band ‘The White Stripes’, Megan Martha ‘Meg’ White had her conquest in 1974. Youngest of the Bottom acting clan, Summer Joy Bottom/Phoenix has been suffering growing pains since 1978. Bollywood actress Shilpa Shivanand who’s cut that down to Shilpa Anand, shimmied her way through in 1982.

As for deaths, Leopold I King of the Belgians (despite being a German Prince), started having navy vessels named in his honour from 1865. Peace prize (among many others) founder who also invented dynamite, (tested in a quarry near Redhill, Surrey) – Alfred Bernhardt Nobel, found himself going up in smoke back in 1896. Native American leader of the Oglala Lakota, Red Cloud/Mahpíya Lúta actually got to lie in the ground rather than put his ear to it in 1909. Co-founder of car making company bearing his name, Horace Elgin Dodge Snr., didn’t manage to dodge the reaper in 1920. Singer Otis Redding wasn’t sitting on the dock of the bay in 1967 given he was in a coffin. Headman Shabalala, singer with Ladysmith Black Mambazo found he lost his voice, and life, in 1991. The voice of Wimbledon tennis, Daniel ‘Dan’ Maskell hasn’t managed any more juice since 1992. Having mentioned legendary comedian Richard Franklin Lennox Thomas Pryor a mere eleven days ago in honour of his birth, here he is again given he was in more than critical condition in 2005. Dictator of Chile, Augusto José Ramón Pinochet Ugarte released his iron fist in 2006. Finally, being the only person to register for the presidency, Iajuddin Ahmed found himself the 14th President of Bangladesh, although that ceased in 2012.


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