Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 11th December

Given most of the Popes’ mentioned over the past week or so have been dead, it makes a refreshing change to begin today’s posting with the birth of Giovanni de Lorenzo de’Medici, or as the others in the Vatican knew him Pope Leo X – found he didn’t quite have the immaculate conception in 1475. Born Lota Liholiho Kapuāiwa Kalanimakua Kalanikapuapaikalaninui Ali’iolani Kalani-a-Kekūanaō’a or Kamehameha V, the King of Hawaii’s parents didn’t realise how long it would take them to fill his name out in 1830. Brewer of weak lager who was mentioned way back on 27th April when he went flat, John Labatt was fully fermented in 1838. Born Betty Glendale but better known as character actress Liz Smith, didn’t join the Royle family in 1921. Method actor Muhammad Yusuf Khan or Dilip Kumar arrived on cue in 1922. Born Chandra Mohan Jain then known as Acharya Rajneesh before swopping to Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and then doing a ‘Prince’ by becoming known as ‘Osho’, was mystified as to what was going on in 1931. Long faced (just about) current American Secretary of State, John Forbes Kerry started representing himself in 1943. Actress Terry Ann ‘Terri’ Garr may have been born in either: a) 1947 b) 1944 c) 1945 or d) 1949, as to which is correct, she’s been pretty tight lipped about it. Brenda Mae Tapley who recorded Christmas song ‘Rocking Around the Christmas Tree’, currently being played relentlessly under the name Brenda Lee, hasn’t grown a great deal given she’s all of 4ft 9ins (or 1.45m). Having mentioned heiress to the family fortune on 19th November when she died, Christina Onassis slipped out in 1950. Member of dysfunctional family along with part of family group The Jackson 5, (though not the one with a penchant for chimps, little boys (allegedly) or bowler hats), Jermaine La Juane Jackson blamed it on the boogie in 1954. Leeds (England) born chef with the tousled hair and French name who’s now plugging some ready made stock pots, Marco Pierre White was a little pickle in 1961. Rapper Dante Terrell Smith who went by the slightly hipper moniker ‘Mos Def’ began performing in 1971. Not 1970’s hairy rocker with the excessive make up who’s song is also clogging the airwaves, but American comedian Roy Wood Jr., had his momma make him wear nappies from 1978.

Having started the births paragraph (above) with a Pope, so we begin the deaths one with a Pope – this one Pope Damacus I didn’t take to his pulpit again from 394. Maria Leopoldina of Austria who spread her wings a bit given she was also Empress Consort of Brazil and Queen Consort of Portugal didn’t get another Brazilian after 1826. Kamehameha V etc, (as above) King of Hawaii celebrated his birthday by having his grass skirt go up in flames in 1872. Dead Norwegian of the day, Nobel Peace Prize winner Christian Lous Lange found things very peaceful from 1938. Singer/songwriter Samuel Cook or Sam Cooke didn’t get an encore in 1964. One half of fast food brothers who came up with the golden arches, clown and litter strewn streets around the globe, Maurice James ‘Mac’ McDonald was as fast at dying in 1974 as his staff are at serving food. Quiz show host Robert Q. Lewis had the question as to when his time was up in 1991. Co-star of dire 1970’s sit-com On the Buses, (among others), Michael Anthony Robbins found that’s his funeral in Caterham, Surrey back in 1992. Co-founder and cartoonist for Private Eye, William George ‘Willie’ Rushton took his leave in 1996. Child actress Susan Lynn Gordon entered the twilight zone in 2011. Finally, rug sitter with the sitar, Robindro Shaunkor Chowdhury or Ravi Shankar went out of tune in 2012.


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