Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 12th December

Albert II, Duke of Austria and Styria, known as ‘the Wise’ and ‘the Lame’ starts today’s posting given he was fully functional in 1298. First Chief Justice of the United States, (among his many official titles), John Jay ratified his birth in 1745. Leader of the Cherokee Nation/brigadier general in the Confederate States Army, Standhope Uwatie, Degataga who also went by the name Stand Watie started to stand firm about a year after being born in 1806. Norwegian of the day, painter Edvard Munch screamed upon his arrival in 1863. Born Hirsch Moses Wonsal before settling on Harry Morris Warner, one of the founders of film studio Warner Bros., directed his entrance to the world in 1881. Having mentioned his son a mere four days in honour of his birthday, here’s his old man Samuel George ‘Sammy’ Davis Snr., wriggled his way through in 1900. Given out of key singer Francis Albert ‘Frank’ Sinatra was mentioned on 14th May when he did it his way, here he is again as strangers in the night delivered him in 1915. American game show host Robert William ‘Bob’ Barker has had to bear the truth or consequence from being born in 1923. Three time Mayor of New York (among many other things), Edward Irving ‘Ed’ Koch made his initial pitch in 1924. Co-founder of Intel Corporation, and known as ‘the Mayor of Silicone Valley’, Robert Norton Noyce computed his birthdate in 1927. Toe tapper and ex-captain of charades game show with the perma tan and grin, Henry Lionel Blair Ogus gave the nurses a clue as to when he’d arrive in 1931. Singer from the late 1950’s and early 60’s, Concetta Rosa Maria Franconero or just Connie Francis was born many tears ago in 1938. Singer and aunt to the late Whitney Houston, Marie Dionne Warwick had her ‘here I am moment’ in 1940. Fellow singer/songwriter, Peter Sarstedt was mellowed out in 1942. Brazilian racing driver who bagged both the F1 title and the Indy 500 one twice, Emerson Fittipaldi took the inside track in 1946. Caterham born act tor of stage, television and film William Francis ‘Bill’ Nighy has had total recall over his birthday from 1949. Former bus conductor before finding fame as Indian actor Shivaji Rao Gaekwad or just Rajinikanth, counted his blessings in 1950. Short skirt wearer whilst chasing tennis balls around a court, Tracy Ann Austin Holt rallied for the first time in 1962. Princess Diana’s favourite rugby union player who captained England in the early 1990’s, William David Charles ‘Will’ Carling kicked things off in 1965. Wildlife presenter on the BBC, Katherine ‘Kate’ Humble started mumbling in 1968. Younger brother to tattooed screecher Justin, Daniel Francis ‘Dan’ Hawkins had permission to land in 1976.

As for deaths, seeing as there aren’t any Pope’s or Archbishop’s of Canterbury to mention we’ll settle with Geoffrey, Archbishop of York who still didn’t have a surname when he moved on in 1212. King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania along with being Prince of Transylvania Stephen Báthory booked his space in Wawel Cathedral from 1586. Excessive ermine cape wearer, King William I of the Netherlands and Grand Duke of Luxembourg had enough of orange and wanted a change of colour in 1843. Fourth Prime Minister of Canada, Sir John Sparrow David Thompson didn’t have the heart to die at home given he keeled over in Windsor, England back in 1894. Dead Norwegian of the day, Nordic skier Thorleif Haug had his ultimate sitzmark in 1934. Having mentioned his son a few days ago, here’s his old man who shared his name (minus the Jr. bit), Douglas Fairbanks (or Douglas Elton Thomas Ullman), didn’t get his picture in the papers after 1939. Finally, wife beating ex-husband to Tina Turner, Izear Luster ‘Ike’ Turner, Jr., found it’s all over in 2007.


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