Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 14th December

Today’s posting begins with one of the first people to use one part of their name – Michel de Nostredame or as he was more widely known, Nostradamus, not only predicted his birthday, he kept to it from 1503. American politician and businessman Erastus Corning railroaded his way through in 1794. Dad to Liz II, Queen of the United Kingdom and associated outposts around the world, Albert Frederick Arthur George VI, didn’t quite seize the throne when born in 1895. Failing to live up to his surname, American General James Harold ‘Jimmy’ Doolittle who gained a Medal of Honour in the Second World War marched on through in 1896. Having mentioned King George VI (above), here’s a relative of his daughters husband with the rather un-royal name – Paul, King of Greece reigned supreme in his family from 1901. Seeing as Dick van Dyke had his named checked yesterday, it’s only fair his sidekick Moritz ‘Morey’ Amsterdam gets one today given he was young and restless in 1908. Ex-Nazi who graduated to become President of the Federal Republic of Germany (or just West Germany), started the wets and dries from 1914. Television executive responsible for putting Gilligan’s Island and The Beverly Hillbillies on screen, James Thomas Aubrey tuned in back in 1918. Creator of 60 Minutes, (the American news show), Donald Shepherd ‘Don’ Hewitt presented himself in 1922. Noted actor with the pencil moustache, Ranbir Raj Kapoor made his debut in 1924. Two time gold medal winner in lobbing a javelin for East Germany, the rather unfortunately named Ruth Fuchs didn’t need steroids in 1946. Impeached ex-President of Brazil, Delma Vana Rousseff had her inaugural session in 1947. Straggly haired rocker with AC/DC Clifford ‘Cliff’ Williams had the answer to who made who in 1949. Divot maker with the interesting surname, Joseph Brian Gay got himself out of the bunker in 1971. A year later in 1972, tall long faced comedienne who likes to fall over and make stupid faces at the camera, Miranda Katherine Hart Dyke, got nearly as many laughs (i.e. not many). Son of American bounty hunter, (as in hunting crims down, not chocolate bars), Duane – Leland Blane Chapman made his break for freedom in 1976.

As for deaths, Vlad III Prince of Wallachia or Vlad the Impaler found out having killed 10,000 people what it was like to die himself in 1476. King James V of Scotland found he was the dead King of Scotland in 1542. Seeing as there are no Popes to mention today, Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Tenison will have to do given he popped his clogs in 1715. King Charles III of Spain, along with being King of Naples and Sicily who also found time to be Duke of Parma and Piacenza had his new national flag draped over his coffin in 1788. First ever President of the United States of America – George Washington didn’t get to see the capital named after him, (or the people who used to put curlers in his hair) after 1799. Husband to Queen Vicki, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha failed to get any more intimate piercings from 1861. Co-founder of cereal company bearing his name, John Harvey Kellogg munched his last cornflake in 1943. Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Stanley Baldwin swopped his red box for proper pine one in 1947. Ruth Lee Jones who started recording under the name of Dinah Washington found what a diff’rence a day makes in 1963. Ex-BBC newsreader and presenter of Treasure Hunt, Kenneth Kendall found his auto cue run out in 2012. Finally, Laurence of Arabia actor, Peter O’Toole saw the final curtain in 2013.


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