Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 16th December

Births today begin in 1485 with wife of axe loving Henry VIII as Catherine of Aragon entered the world in Spain before making it to England. Novelist who’s books are somehow still being read to this day, Jane Austen saw sense and sensibility to be born in 1775. Leopold I, King of Belgium (mentioned a mere six days ago upon his death), gets another go given he celebrated independence from his mum in 1790. Pioneer of silent film, Gabriel-Maximilen Leuvielle, or to use his stage name, Max Linder, made sure everyone knew he’d been delivered, (minus the piano music), in 1883. Noted wit and classic act tor, Noël Coward wasn’t left waiting in the wings having been born in 1899. Writer of science fiction (yawn), Arthur Charles Clarke started to see the future from 1917. Known for his illustrations in Roald Dahl’s books, Quentin Saxby Blake didn’t draw out his birth in 1932. Sort of Norwegian of the day with the Golden Globe propping her downstairs cloakroom door open, Liv Johanne Ullmann was face to face with her mum in 1938. Continuing the Scandinavian theme, the bearded one in ABBA, (no, not the brunette), but Göran Bror Benny Andersson had his own arrival in 1946. Also born that year, actor known for playing tough police officer DCI Burnside in The Bill, Christopher Michael Ellison was bonded by blood with his mum. One time near national treasure, Christopher Kenneth Biggins the larger than life actor who could just about squeeze into his convertible Peugeot 206, wasn’t a celebrity when he got out of there in 1948. William Frederick ‘Billy’ Gibbons one of the hairy guitarists in ZZ Top wasn’t a particularly rough boy in 1949. Mordant comedian William Melvin ‘Bill’ Hicks used his shock and awe tactics in 1961. Michael Sean McCarey ex-crooner with boring band Boyz II Men was at the start of the road in 1971. Proper Norwegian of the day, tennis ball hitter Ulrikke Pia Eikeri had the advantage in 1992.

As for deaths, Wilhelm Carl Grimm entered folklore in 1859. Ognjeslav Kostović Stephanović inventor of plywood found that very handy for his coffin in 1916. Bank robber extraordinaire Herman Karl Lamm had his last blag in 1930. Founder of rusting car manufacture, Fiat – Giovanni Agnelli ran out of spare parts in 1945. Playwright and novelist, William Somerset Maugham dropped his pen in 1965. Founder of fast food emporium KFC and the other bain of every council around the world, Colonel Harland David Sanders died before being fried in 1980. Car manufacturer getting his second mention this year, Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman founder of Lotus, (Lots of trouble usually serious) went into administration himself in 1982. Falsetto screecher to a disco beat, Sylvester James Jr., who went by his first name did stop in 1988. Spaghetti Western actor Clarence Leroy ‘Lee’ Van Cleef, Jr was the vanishing American in 1989. Today’s not a day to be in the Disney family given Walt’s wife Lillian lasted 33 years and a day longer than him, before giving up in 1997. Then in 2009, Roy E. Disney didn’t get to see another firework display. Finally, Kojak’s sidekick Capt. Frank McNeil or rather Daniel Thomas ‘Dan’ Frazer didn’t get to investigate his own death in 2011.

I’m afraid I’m taking a couple of days off, so will hopefully see you back here on Monday…


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