Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 23rd December

Inventor and leading entrepreneur in the industrial revolution Richard Arkwright kicks things off today given he turned his parents heads around in 1732. Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias, King of Poland and on his days off Grand Duke of Poland, Alexander I was a blessed child from 1777. Prime Minister of the Republic of India for all of six months Chaudhary Charan Singh, staked his claim in 1902. Continuing the political theme, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany (or just West Germany), Helmut Heinrich Waldemar Schmidt was more than just a head in 1918. Emperor of Japan Akihito, took the title, or rather was given the title, Prince Tsugu when born in 1933. Inventor of both Transmission Control Protocol (TCP – not to be confused with strong smelling antiseptic liquid) and Internet Protocol, Robert Elliott ‘Bob’ Khan routed himself the right way in 1938. Singer with The Chi-Lites, Eugene Booker Record was too good to be forgotten from 1940. Voice of various characters in over running cartoon series The Simpsons as well as being being part of spoof group Spinal Tap, Harry Julius Shearer has had mighty wind since 1943. Person responsible for a few classic sit-coms over the years including, among others: Citizen Smith, Only Fools and Horses, Dear John and Just Good Friends to name but four, John Richard Thomas Sullivan took centre stage (for once) in 1946. Television presenter Carol Patricia Smillie showed her gums in 1961. Singer/songwriter and ex-First Lady of France, born Carla Gilberta Bruni Tedeschi now known as Carla Bruni Sarkozy, was an absolute beginner in 1967. British socialite who had more than one of her melt downs on television, Tara Parker Tomkinson hasn’t lived up to her initials since 1971. Tattooed body building model who wears scraps of cloth to cover her modesty, Jodie Louise Marsh has been building up her body from 1978.

As for deaths, Huneric King of the Vandals hasn’t had anyone break his headstone since 484. Archbishop of Canterbury Frederick Temple entered a cathedral for his burial in 1902. Aircraft manufacturer Anton Herman Gerard ‘Anthony’ Fokker was grounded in more ways than one from 1939. Prime Minister of Japan and leader of the Imperial Rule Assistance Association, the one with the chest full of medals and who ordered the attacks on Pearl Harbour, Hideki Tojo didn’t hang about after 1948. Angelo Siciliano or as he was better known, body builder Charles Atlas found no amount of keeping fit doesn’t keep you alive from 1973. Comedian Børge Rosenbaum who went by the professional name of Victor Borge, died off stage in 2000. Diminutive comedian Charles Edward Springal, or as he was better known Charlie Drake, didn’t get to say, ‘Goodbye, my darlings!’ in 2006. Actress and mum to ex-teen idol David Cassidy, Evelyn Ward saw the light dim in 2012. Finally, gun designer Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov discharged himself in 2013.


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