Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 24th December

Today’s posting begins with ancient royal of the week, John Lackland or John, King of England missed out on having his birthday on the big day by 24 hours from 1166. American frontiersman Christopher Houston ‘Kit’ Carson was no longer trapped in 1809. Another royal, this one with the rather fine moustache and born in Denmark before going onto run Greece, Initially known as Prince Christian Vilhelm Ferdinand Adolf George of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksberg before going onto be King George I of Greece didn’t let his crown slip in 1845. Born Salvatore Antiono Guaragna, (one of eleven!) children and song writer of over 800 tunes, (including the score to 42nd Street), Harry Warren had his craziest dream become a reality in 1893. OCD disciple who owned TWA and was responsible for building one time 70 feet high flying plane Howard Robard Hughes Jr., didn’t suffer head wind in 1905. Creator of Neue Haas Grotesk typeface, now known as Helvetica, Max Miedinger was a real character in 1910. Starlet for MGM, great mate of Howard Hughes (above), and ex-Mrs M Rooney and F Sinatra – Ava Lavinia Gardner started to have young ideas from 1922. Singer Irving Lee Dorsey had his parents say, ‘Hello good looking’ in 1924. Funny looking half of children’s entertainers the Chuckle Brothers – Barry David Elliott, or Barry Chuckle had his first, ‘To me, to you’ moment in 1944. Confederate cap wearing, mole laden faced, mutton chopped singer Ian Fraser Kilmister, or Lemmy surpringsly wasn’t deaf forever after his birth in 1945. Australian Football player, then coach Kevin John Sheedy had a drop goal in 1947. Tall foreheaded dancer and actor from Bollywood, Anil Kapoor found birth no problem in 1956. The man with the job no one else really wanted, President of Afghanistan – Hamid Karzai took on his first challenge, being born in 1957. Naked running machine casualty and ex-numbers expert on Countdown, Carol Jean Vorderman has been counting the years on her fingers (and toes) from 1960. One of the many celebs who didn’t make it through this year, comedian Caroline Mary Aherne appeared for the first time in 1963. Ex-Labour leader from Britain, (no, not David), but Edward Samuel ‘Ed’ Miliband – the one with an odd voice didn’t elect to be born in 1969. Singer who’s ‘done an Elton’ (and that’s not having a hair weave), now gay crooner Enrique Martín Morales, or Ricky Martin as he’s better known has been livin’ la vida loca since 1971.

As for deaths, Archibald Douglas, Earl of Douglas and Wigtown, Lord of Galloway, Douglas and Bothwell, aka Archibald the Grim was even grimmer from 1400. Mary, Princess Royal – Princess of Orange and Countess of Nassau lost her colour in 1660. Noted novelist with the woman’s haircut, William Makepeace Thackeray had his first funeral in 1863. Side kick to Charlie in the Vichy Govt, Jean Louis Xavier François Darlan found the bullet with his name on it in 1942. Co-founder of ice cream parlour Baskin Robbins, Burt ‘Butch’ Baskin found out about the freezing process first hand in 1967. Belgian responsible for those annoying little blue things, The Smurfs – Pierre Culliford or ‘Peyo’, thankfully stopped drawing them in 1992. Also not making through that year, singer with The Dooby Brothers, Robert Jay ‘Bobby’ LaKind had his farewell tour (in a hearse). Singer with screeching band The Four Seasons, Nicholas Macioci who managed to shorten it to Nick Massi, didn’t get to hang on after 2000. Given we haven’t had any dead Norwegians of the day for a few days, singer and comedian Kenneth Siverston makes up for this oversight given he rolled over in 2006. Playwright Harold Pinter had one for the road in 2008. Not the 1980’s popster and public toilet opportunist/cannabis smoking driver who probably enjoyed his time in prison, but American sportscaster – George Michael found his microphone dead (as was he) in 2009. Finally, creator of classic children’s show The Wombles, Elizabeth Beresford started recycling herself in 2010.


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