Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 27th December

Both paragraphs start with a Pope, and to this end we see Count Giovanni Angelo Braschi who went onto become Pope Pius VI expel himself in 1717. Chemist/microbiologist known for founding pasteurisation, Louis Pasteur beat the germs in 1822. British born fifth Prime Minister of Canada, Mackenzie Bowell emptied his from 1823. German racing driver with no wins what-so-ever over his two year career, Hans Stuck didn’t live up to his surname in 1900. Marie Magdalene ‘Marlene’ Dietrich became the scarlett empress from 1901. Also born that year, classic actress Irene Handel who had a mention on the 29th November when she didn’t quite have such a good day. Illustrator of the Tarzan comic strip, John Celardo swung into action back in 1918. Founding member of dad rock band Foreigner, Michael Leslie ‘Mick’ Jones didn’t have double vision in 1944. Journo with the buck teeth and large glasses, not forgetting the distinctive voice, Janet Stwwweett Porrrrrterrr has been an independent individual since 1946. Gérard Xavier Marcel Depardieu the French (or is it Russian?) actor who’s mates with Putin and likes to relieve himself on aeroplanes having drunk 14 bottles of wine, found birth a pure formality in 1948. 54th Presidenti of Mexico, Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de León probably had the local mariachi band present when born in 1951. Actress Maryam d’Abo didn’t scare the living daylights out of her parents in 1960. Child actress Heather O’Rourke had her, ‘I’m here moment’ in 1975.

As for deaths, Pope Zosimus found he was visited by the reaper in 418. George, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach stopped following Martin Luther, (who must have been quite glad his stalker had been stopped in his tracks) in 1543. Founder of Texas, Stephen Fuller Austin started having places named after him in 1836. Having mentioned Alexandre Gustave Bönickhausen (or Eiffel) on the 15th December, here he is again given he started the rusting process in 1923. One of the founders of Warner Bros Pictures Inc., Hirsch Moses Wonsal, who changed it to the slightly more westernised Harry Morris Warner, took the executive decision to call it a day in 1958. Not only the 14th Prime Minister of Canada, but also recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, Lester Bowles ‘Mike’ Pearson found things a lot more peaceful from 1972. Phylis Nan Sortain Pechey who became known as Fanny Craddock failed to rise after today in 1994. Scandal ridden first (and last) female Prime Minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto was fired in 2007. Soldier with the multi coloured left hand side of his tunic not to mention leader of the American troops in Operation Desert Storm, Herbert Norman Schwarzkopf Jr., took the losing side in 2012. Finally, dead Norwegian of the day, Gunn Olsen didn’t labour her death in 2013.


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