Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 28th December

Today’s posting begins with Margaret of Parma, Duchess consort of Florence and Duchess consort of Parma and Piacenza who went on to become Governor of the Netherlands yet started off wrapped in linen in 1522. Brewer of beer bearing the Maple Leaf, John Molson barrelled along in 1763. 28th President of the United States of America, Thomas Woodrow Wilson broke through in 1856. Actor who portrayed Dr Kildare and ex-Mr Ginger Rogers, Lewis Frederick Ayres III, who managed to condense that to Lew Ayres left the servants’ entrance in 1908. Member of family singing group, Roebuck ‘Pops’ Staples was able to see a little further (than his bed) from 1915. Co-creator of Spider-Man, the Hulk and various other comic superheroes, Stanley Martin Lieber or just Stan Lee had his parents marvel at him from 1922. Spluttering deputy leader of the red team in Britain, Roy Sydney George Hattersley started drooling in 1932. Distinguished actress Margaret Natalie ‘Maggie’ Smith was the child in the house from 1934. Wine swilling cook with the bow tie, Keith Floyd was fully prepared for his arrival in 1943. Game show host fond of eating Gypsy Cream biscuits whilst wearing garish blazers and telling terrible puns, John Richard Whiteley had his countdown to birth in 1943. Lead singer with The Shangri-Las, Mary Weiss was leader of the pack from 1948. French tinkler of the ivories, Philippe Pagés (or as his album releases state: Richard Clayderman), has been brushing cloth since 1953. Actor Denzil Hayes Washington started to cry freedom from 1954. Violinist with attitude, Nigel Kennedy strung along in 1956. Norwegian of the day, singer/actress Herborg Kråkevik started out in 1973. Actress and former other half to Jude Law, Sienna Rose Diana Miller has had unfinished business to attend to since 1981.

People at the other end of life, include, among others – Antipope Clement VIII found a sunny spot in Palma, Majorca way back in 1446. Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland – Mary II of England left her better half William to run things after she dropped her crown in 1694. Seventh Mayor of San Francisco, James Van Ness started having roads named after him in the city from 1872. Continuing the family tradition, composer Eduard Strauss had his final movement in 1916. Fellow composer, Joseph Maurice Ravel didn’t orchestrate his death in 1937. Diminutive King of Italy, Emperor of Ethiopia and King of the Albanians, Victor Emmanuel III took to a child’s coffin in 1947. Co-founder of the Beach Boys, Dennis Carl Wilson shut down volume 1 in 1983. Actress from four James Bond films, Cassandra Harris didn’t get to die another day after 1991. Known for playing the Lone Ranger in the television series, Jack Carlton ‘Clayton’ Moore was south of Death Valley in 1999. Eye patch wearing rapper Glenn Thomas who went by the more showbiz name Doe B, was unable to trap life in 2013. Finally, raver Paul Walden aka ‘Guru Josh’ got in early, starting the death rush of musicians over the past twelve months in 2015.


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