Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 30th December

Today’s posting begins with tenth Emperor of the Roman Empire, Titus – who must have felt the cold in his parents villa way back in 39AD. Union general in the American Civil War before becoming the first Mayor of San Fransisco, John White Geary (the one with the dodgy beard), wasn’t territorial when born in 1819. Given other Presidents get their names mentioned here, I guess it’s only fair eighth President of France Émile François Loubet also sees his name here, given he presented himself in 1838. Writer of ‘The Jungle Book’ (amongst others), Joseph Rudyard Kipling found being born as easy as A.B.C. in 1865. Actress Jeanette Nolan told everything but the truth over her birthday from 1911. Host of Miss America, (so basically perving at young ladies in swimsuits), Bertram Jacobson or Bert Parks as he was better known, took one giant step into the unknown back in 1914. Actor John Joseph Patrick Ryan who went by the stage name Jack Lord was a real ray of sunshine to his folks from 1920. Born Ellas Otha Bates before adopting the name Ellas McDaniel but better known as blues guitarist with the hat, Bo Diddley was a living legend from 1928. Singer Charles Weedon Westover or Del Shannon, wasn’t a runaway after birth in 1934. Folk singer in threesome Peter, Paul & Mary – Noel Paul Stookey was something new and fresh in 1937. First of sixties pop ‘sit-com’ stars from The Monkees to feature – Robert Michael Nesmith was a believer in being born this day in 1942, with David Thomas ‘Davy’ Jones following in 1945. ‘Visual artist’ and singer of the one hit (co-written with Bruce Springsteen), Patricia Lee ‘Patti’ Smith had the dream of life realised in 1946. Curly haired perpetual sunglass wearer who fronted the ELO, (which is a band not a political movement), before going onto co-found The Travelling Wilburys, Jeffrey ‘Jeff’ Lynn was a livin’ thing from 1947. One time singer of cover versions before moving to America and inflicting over running moralistic cartoon family ‘The Simpsons’ on us, Trace/Tracey Ullman had her breakaway moment in 1959. Disgraced Canadian athlete Benjamin Sinclair ‘Ben’ Johnson actually qualified in 1961. Hollywood madam to the stars and wealthy, Heidi Florissant wasn’t a member of the doom generation in 1965. Odd head dress wearer Jason Luís Cheetham who goes by the sobriquet Jay Kay found he was travelling without moving in 1969. Philandering divot maker Eldrick Tont ‘Tiger’ Woods had his first hole in one back in 1975. British songstress Elena Jane ‘Elle’ Goulding was under the sheets in 1986.

Pope Felix I not only kicks the bucket in 274, but also today’s deaths paragraph off. Not to be outdone, Pope Innocent XI gave up reading the bible in 1591, after only three months at the pulpit. Dead Norwegian of the day, Trygve Halvdan Lie who started people with odd names as Secretary-General of the United Nations was diplomatic about his death in 1968. Heavyweight boxing champion Charles L. ‘Sonny’ Liston hit the ropes in 1970. 41st Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Josef Maria Laurens Theo ‘Jo’ Cals gave up the cabinet for a coffin in 1971. Other half of the Hammerstein song writing team, Richard Charles Rodgers went to a higher and higher place in 1979. Singer John Alfred Moore aka Johnny Moore drifted away in 1998. Iron fisted and deluded ex-dictator of Iraq, Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti was a swinger in 2006. Having mentioned St. Vitus’ dance sufferer Roberto ‘Bobby’ Alfonso Farrell yesterday in relation to his hit ‘Rasputin’, here he is again given he was daddy cool in 2010. Finally, creator of St. Trinian’s School, Ronald William Fordham Searle is still wondering which way did he go in 2011.


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