Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 31st December

Today’s another day where both paragraphs start with a Pope, and to this end we see Alfons de Borja who went onto become Pope Callixtus III found himself extra omnes in 1378. French palette holder Henri-Émile-Benoît Matisse impressed his parents from 1869. Cosmetic queen Florence Nightingale Green, or to use her business name – Elizabeth Arden had a bit of colour to her in 1878. Luvvie Philip Anthony Hopkins was a legend of the fall in 1937. Ill tempered gum chomping football boot throwing ex-Manager of Manchester United and best mate of Dave ‘you know’ Beckham, Alexander Chapman ‘Alex’ Ferguson made it through the defences in 1941. Guitarist with 70’s/80’s band The Police – Andrew James ‘Andy’ Summers parents weren’t so lonely from 1942. Singer of virtually every genre of music I dislike, not to mention being a disqualified pilot, (not that it stopped him flying), Henry John Deutschendorf Jr., or just John Denver, had poems, prayers and promises bestowed upon him in 1943. Also born that year, Krishna Bhanji, or, to use his stage name, Ben Kingsley, had to pardon his expression. Disco queen not averse to a spangly top and glitter balls, LaDonna Adrian Gaines who went with the stage name Donna Summer, found it was all systems go in 1948. Loooserrr of the Scottish referendum, seemingly power crazy ex-leader of the Scottish National Party – Alexander Elliot Anderson ‘Alex’ Salmon didn’t put up any opposition to being born in 1954. Actor who not only researches his roles, but also likes a decent spat with his fellow breed (apparently), Val Edward Kilmer must have had blood out in 1959. Norwegian of the day, writer Are Kalvø began his backstory in 1969. Youngest of nine(!) children singer Joseph Mulrey ‘Joey’ McIntyre was the new kid on the block in 1972. Having had his video viewed over 2.4 billion times Park Jae-sang, or just Psy did it gangnam style in 1973. Son to billionaire President elect Donald Trump Snr., (the one against immigrants, Asians and various other random groups he sees fit from barring entry to America), the imaginatively named Donald John ‘Don’ Trump Jr., started trumping in 1977.

As for deaths, it’s a very quiet day – but we start with Pope Saint Sylvester I who handed in his robes and sandals way back in 335. First Astronomer Royal who catalogued over 3,000 stars, John Flamsteed found his star well in the descendent in 1719. Russian physicist Alexander Stepanovich Popov did exactly that in 1905 (on the Old Style calendar). Land and water speed record holder who used to live in Reigate, Surrey, Sir Malcolm Campbell had a dead start in 1948. Eric Hillary Nelson who found fame as singer/songwriter Ricky Nelson has been on a long vacation since 1985. Finally, comedian John C Wood or John Fortune didn’t have the last laugh in 2013.


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