Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 2nd January

It’s another slow day on the births and deaths front, although Emma Kalanikaumaka’amano Kaleleonãlani Na’ea Rooke of Hawaii who became Queen Emma of Hawaii was presented to the nation in 1836. Laurence Weiss who used his stage name Larry Harmon as well as Bozo the Clown thankfully didn’t scare himself when born in 1925. Pakistani comedian Safirullah Siddiui aka Lehri started amusing people, (well, his family), from 1929. Criminally insane murderer Ian Brady broke out in 1938. Also born that year, Norwegian of the day – author Hans Herbjørnsrud made it through the blind door. Televangelist (the ones who fleece the gullible), James Orsen ‘Jim’ Bakker started emptying his parents pockets from 1940. Althea Rae who’s probably better known as Wayne’s World extra Tia Carrere, started her tour of duty in 1967. Cuba Michael Gooding Jr., found this is as good as it gets in 1968. Model, sorry, supermodel Christy Nicole Turlington sported the must have accessory – nappies, from 1969. Daughter of sometime fairly amusing comedian Jasper Carrott, Lucy Claire Davis found it’s time for touching in 1973.

As for deaths, Confederate general from the American Civil War James Longstreet didn’t get to fold his flag after 1904. Comedian well ahead of his time, Richard Gilbert ‘Dick’ Emery was forced to stop marrying women in 1983. Non-relation to Angela, actress Una Merkel ran out of borrowed time in 1986. Somalian President with the odd bit of hair on his upper lip, Mohammad Siad Barre stopped dictating things in 1995.
Raconteur and comedy writer with a penchant for bow-ties and the pronounced speech, Frank Muir had his bluff called in 1998. Finally, cross eyed dinner jacketed presenter of ‘odd odes’ whilst sat in a high backed leather chair, Cyril Fletcher found that was his life over in 2005.


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