Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 6th January

We start today’s posting with ancient King of England Richard II, who was also known as Richard of Bordeaux waited all of ten years to become King after birth in 1367. The Maid of Orléans or Joan of Arc was a saintly child from 1412. Inventor of early day hot air balloon, Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier left the prohibited zone in 1745. Jozef Maximilián Petzval, inventor of opera glasses tried to focus in 1807. Actor known for his roles in early Western films, Thomas Hezikiah (Edwin) Mix didn’t quite get to saddle up in 1880. Actress Gretchen Young who went on to become known as Loretta Young had loose ankles in 1913. Developer of doomed gull wing doored car company who was busted for cocaine trafficking before going bankrupt, John Zachery DeLoren headed for the red in 1925. Actress Sylvia May Laura Syms was booked out in 1934. Football manager Terence Frederick ‘Terry’ Venables capped off a good year for his parents in 1943. Founding member of Pink Floyd Roger Keith ‘Syd’ Barrett was a progressive child from 1946. Co-founder of head banging band AC/DC, Malcolm Mitchell Young had a stiff upper lip during birth in 1953. Film director Anthony Minghella was breaking and entering in 1954. Actress and wife to Gordon Sumner (Sting), Trudie Styler left the sweat box in 1954. Mr Bean, Edmund Blackadder, Johnnie English etc., actor Rowan Sebastian Atkinson has been keeping mum since 1955. Alleged drug using prostitute loving television host and comedy actor, Gordon Angus Deayton had a pramface in 1956. Daughter of ex-chief bean counter of the United Kingdom and celebrity chef who gets a few males hot under their collar, Nigella Lucy Lawson started to grace the earth from 1960. Founding member of 1980’s band Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Mark William James O’Toole was welcomed to the pleasuredome in 1964.

As for deaths, Christopher of Bavaria – King of Denmark, Sweden and Norway never got to wear his court jester shoes again after 1448. Extremely posh banker with the rude sounding name, Sir Richard Hoare found his line of credit cut in 1718. Having mentioned inventor of blind system for reading and writing Louis Braille only two days ago in honour of his birth, here he is again given he didn’t get to see another birthday after 1852. Dead Norwegian of the day, zoologist and story teller Peter Christen Asbjørnsen stopped telling tales in 1885. 26th President of the United States of America, Theodore Roosevelt served his term in 1919. Third President of the International Olympic Committee, Count Henri de Baillet-Latour swopped the five star hotels for a draughty coffin in 1942. Fellow loft dweller and mum to diarist Anne, Edith Frank (née Holländer), didn’t quite make it to her 45th birthday in 1945. Director of both The Wizard of Oz and Gone With the Wind, Victor Lonzo Fleming heard the call of the canyon in 1949. Original member of Motown group The Marvelettes, Georgeanna Marie Tillman was no longer able to keep holding on from 1980. Trumpet playing band leader John Birks ‘Dizzy’ Gillespie wasn’t able to puff his cheeks out after 1993. Also not making it through that year, tight wearing prancer across the stage who always managed to catch Margot Fonteyn, Rudolf Khametovich Nureyev limped off. Singer who can still be found in bathrooms and toilets around the world to this day, Louis Allen ‘Lou’ Rolls ran out in 2006. Finally, game show host who didn’t play saxophone on Gerry Rafferty’s song ‘Baker Street’, Robert Wentworth John ‘Bob’ Holness called everyone’s bluff by dying in 2012.


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