Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 7th January

Ugo Boncompagni or Pope Gregory XIII (the one behind the Gregorian calendar), kicks today’s births paragraph off given he blessed the world (and his parents) from 1502. 13th President of the United States of America Millard Fillmore compromised by being born in 1800. Louis Leopold Joseph Mary Aloysius Alfred, or as he was also known, Ludwig III of Bavaria had his parents toast his arrival in 1845. Co-founder of Australian airline Qantas, Wilmot Hudson Fysh saw the map of Tassie in 1895. Known for his portrayal of Private Godfrey in classic BBC sit-com Dad’s Army, William Arnold Ridley was excused in 1896. Actor who played Alfred Pennyworth the butler in the Batman television series, Alan William Napier-Clavering who successfully shortened that to Alan Napier was neither able to confirm or deny his birthday from 1903. Thelma ‘Butterfly’ McQueen, or Prissy from Gone With the Wind, started moving her hands about in 1911. Composer who came up with theme tune for Skippy the Bush Kangaroo – Eric Jupp had his first kiss in 1922. Norwegian of the day, sports commentator Arne Scheie didn’t have bandy legs after his birth in 1944. Singer Kenneth Clark ‘Kenny’ Loggins was footloose in 1948. Co-star of Crocodile Dundee and ex-Mrs P. Hogan Linda Kozlowski, was almost an angelic child in 1958. Former lead singer with Pop Will Eat Itself, Clinton Darryl ‘Clint’ Mansell found everything’s cool from 1963. Actor and non-payer of taxes – Nicholas Kim Coppola, or just Nick Cage was the boy in blue back in 1964. Previous leader of the yellow team in Great Britain, who actually got a taste of running the country in coalition and alleged ladies man, Nicholas William Peter ‘Nick’ Clegg took the centre ground in 1967. Also born that year, bequiffed comedian/television host, Mark Jones, or Mark Lamarr found he didn’t need a comb. Baseball outfielder Kevin Ford Mench gets exactly that given he arrived in 1978. Petulant three time Formula One world champ, Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton didn’t have his ears pierced in 1985.

The deaths paragraph also starts with a Pope, this one Pope Innocent X decided to take a vow of silence from 1655. First Prime Minister of Australia Sir Edmund Barton found a cool spot at Waverley Cemetery in Sydney back in 1920. Known for the line of forts named after him, André Maginot (the one with the interesting moustache) found himself dug in after 1932. Inventor (among other things), now with a car brand named after him – Nikola Tesla was unable to recharge his batteries from 1943. English Tennis player and seven time Wimbledon winner Dorothea Lambert Chambers (née Dorothea Katherine Douglass), stopped running around in 1960. Actor Trevor Wallace Howard Smith, or just Trevor Howard has had more than a brief encounter with death from 1988. Emperor Hirohito of Japan started the Shōwa period in 1989. Presenter of geeks quiz show Mastermind, Magnus Magnusson passed in 2007. Finally, Frederick Leo ‘Fred’ Turner CEO of company with a clown and golden arches as their company logos, along with various bags, cups and other associated items scattered across all continents across the globe found himself fried in 2014.


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