Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 8th January

We start today’s posting in 1886 when American football (as in soccer) player, Thomas Thurston January got the right month to be born in. First ever Dr. Who, William Hartnell started his time travels in 1908. Burlesque performer Rose Louise Hovick, but went by the name Gypsy Rose Lee was the vedette in 1911. Actor known for playing Fagin in Oliver! (among other roles), Ronald Moodnick (or just Ron Moody), had a revelation in 1924. Actor of stage, film and television Saeed Jaffrey was everywhere and nowhere in 1929. Tubby actor Roy Mitchell Kinnear started raising the roof in 1934. Overweight, spangly suited, squirrel and peanut butter sarnie eating singer who took Vegas by storm, Elvis Aaron Presley had his first number one in 1935. Singer Shirley Veronica Bassey was good, bad but beautiful (according her parents) in 1937. Surreal comedian with the pipe, Graham Arthur Chapman was told to, ‘Stop that! It’s silly, very silly indeed!’ from 1941. Extremely clever bloke in the motorised wheelchair with the speech aid, Stephen William Hawking started to find the theory of everything in 1942. Singer with the different coloured eyes who managed to flog over 140 million records, Sarf London boy done good – David Roberts Jones or David Bowie was more the boy who fell to earth in 1947. Drummer Paul Hester didn’t go home to a crowded house in 1959. Singer/songwriter Ronald Eldon ‘Ron’ Sexsmith found his whereabouts in 1964. Another singer, who’s been implicated with various scandals throughout his career, Robert Sylvester Kelly, or as his attorney knows him – R. Kelly, thought he was the world’s greatest baby in 1967. Norwegian of the day, rally driver Henning Solberg navigated his way in 1973. Despotic leader (with the odd haircut), of North Korea, the one who likes to bump his relatives off and test missiles – Kim Jung-un, foisted himself upon the world in either January or July 1984.

Antipope Clement III kicks the death paragraph off given he stopped hating proper Popes in 1100. He’s followed by Pope Celestine III who took his last orders in 1198. Explorer Marco Polo didn’t get to see the hole in the middle from 1324. Continuing the Italian theme, know all Galileo Galilei was hoping the stars weren’t lined up as they were in 1642. Scout master with the large hat and all the little badges sewed onto his tunic, Lieutenant General Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell had his last ging-gang gooly moment in 1941. Member of family Country singing group Sara Elizabeth Carter, (née Dougherty) and later Sara Carter Bayes, found the place where you never grow old in 1979. Gap toothed bounder and caddish character actor Terry Thomas was the ghost that goes west in 1990. Randy leftist President of France François Maurice Adrien Marie Mitterrand bombed in 1996. Finally, founder of alternative fast food burger joint Wendy’s, Rex David ‘Dave’ Thomas wasn’t fried in 2002.


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