Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 12th January

Today’s posting starts with two people born in 1893 – Hermann Wilhelm Göring/Goering and Alfred Rosenberg were both yet to develop into despicable people leading the Nazi Party. Ex-South African President Pieter Willem Botha started to have separation issues in 1916. Spiritualist who came up with transcendental meditation Mahesh Prasad Varma or Maharashi Mahesh Yogi’s mum should have been put in a trance when giving birth in 1917. Alleged singer and comedian, Desmond Bernard ‘Des’ O’Connor never suffered loneliness having been born in 1932. Former drainpipe layer and gardener before going onto being a television presenter/broadcaster – Michael Aspel had his break in 1933. Blues singer John William ‘Long John’ Baldry found it’s good to be alive from 1941, (until his death in 2005). Heavyweight pugilist Joseph William ‘Joe’ Frazier had some fancy footwork when being born in 1944. Actress known for her role in un-amusing sit-com Cheers, Kirstie Louise Alley found it takes two in 1951. Frizzy haired radio DJ who’s pushed the boundaries somewhat, Howard Allan Stern shocked everyone by being born in 1954. Half of Swedish pop duo Roxette, Per Håkan Gessle was dressed for success (in his nappies/diapers) back in 1959. One legged dancer and ex-Mrs, (or Lady) McCartney, Heather Mills stumbled into life in 1968. Norwegian of the day, ex-ice hockey player Kjell Espen Knutsen Jahre has started skating over his age having been born in 1972. Tattooed previous member of the Spice Girls, Melanie Jayne Chisholm who abbreviated that to Melanie C and then managed to get that down to Mel C, found 2 become 1 in 1974. Actress Gemma Arterton was the girl with all the gifts in 1986. Pop singer/songwriter who’s passed me by, Victoria Louise ‘Pixie’ Lott found gravity in 1991. Former boy band member who left One Direction (yawn), Zain Javadd ‘Zayn’ Malik started keeping his parents up all night from 1993.

As for deaths, archaeologist John Horsley, who, in 1732 started his own archaeological study. Anne, Princess Royal (no, not the horsey one) but Princess of Orange looked distinctly white in 1759. British Prime Minister (for all of 11 months), William Grenville, 1st Baron Grenville didn’t need his Whig from 1834. Vice President of the Vegetarian Society, (yes they were about back then), who also invented his method of shorthand, Issac Pitman took the long handed way to die in 1897. Founder of Canadian Club whisky, Hiram Walker matured to the point of death in 1899. Crime writing queen Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie, (née Miller) didn’t keep anyone in suspense given she died, (without any suspicious circumstances) in 1976. Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme of the Soviet Union, Nicolai Viktorovich Podgorny gave up drinking vodka in 1983. Co-founder of computer hardware company Hewlett-Packard, William ‘Bill’ Redington Hewlett ran out of life in 2001. Disastrous Argentinian General and 44th Presidenti who took his country to war over the Falklands, Leopoldo Fortunato Galtieri Castelli released his grip in 2003. Also not making it through that year, one third of medallion wearing white toothed brother group The Bee Gees, Maurice Gibb saw the lights go down over Massachusetts. Finally, Indian actor, Amrish lal Puri had his death scene in 2005.


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