Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 14th January

Today’s worthy bunch include, among others, King Valdemar I of Denmark and Duke of Schleswig staked his claim in 1131. American, then British soldier in the American Revolutionary War – Benedict Arnold got his marching orders in 1741, (on the old style calendar). Governor of Victoria Australia with the excessive sideburns, Charles Hotham had to wait a few years from 1806 before getting to sample VB. Fashion designer born Maria Adélaide Nielli but known as Nina Ricci was a one off product in 1883. Producer of Laurel & Hardy, Harold Eugene ‘Hal’ Roach Sr., saw the lights for the first time in 1892. Star of over 230 films, born Phyllis Virginia Daniels before going onto be known as Bebe Daniels, was a daring youth from 1901. Television producer who’s co-responsible for various game shows including: Family Feud, What’s My Line and The Price Is Right – Mark Goodson came on down in 1915. Actor known for his roles in Zorro and Lost in Space, born Armand Joseph Catalans but renamed himself Guy Williams was a real bonanza to his parents in 1924. Actor who played shouty bigot Alf Garnett, Warren Miselle (later to become Mitchell), didn’t suffer a two way stretch in 1926. Fellow sit-com actor (with the false teeth), Richard David Briers was all the down (rather than up) in 1934. Singer John Allan Jones wasn’t on his Jack in 1938. Academy award winning actress Dorothy Faye Dunaway, solved the puzzle of a downfall child in 1914. Having mentioned patient killing doctor Harold Shipman only yesterday when he topped himself, here he is again as he embarked on life in 1946. Film director Steven Soderbergh was granted access all areas in 1963. Actor who I know from his role in The Full Monty, Mark Addy had his parents make the announcement of his birth in 1964. Annoying television chef with the bins and wavy hair, Hugh Christopher Edmund Fearnley-Whittingstall was locally produced in 1965. James Todd Smith, or, to give his stage name, Ladies Love Cool James, (so no vanity there then), had his first (c)rap in 1968. Drummer with grunge band Nirvana before going onto front his own one, David Eric ‘Dave’ Grohl found the rhythm in 1969. Norwegian of the day, alpine skier who bagged 5 Winter Olympic gold medals, Lasse Kjus slid out in style back in 1971. Singer with family band The Kings of Leon, Caleb Followill gave four kicks before birth in 1981.

Deaths start with astronomer and general know all with a comet named after him Edmond/Edmund Halley stopped seeing stars in 1741. Not an actual person, but Greyfriars Bobby, a Skye Terrier who has a statue in Edinburgh, which rather ironically other dogs now relieve themselves on, entered the great kennel in the sky back in 1872. Writer, (among many other things), Charles Lutwidge Dodgson or to give his nom de plume, Lewis Carroll, didn’t have any further pillow problems from 1898. Having mentioned car manufacturer John Francis Dodge on 25th October, here he is again given he suffered a fatal breakdown in 1920. Hollywood actor Humphrey DeForest Bogart entered the big sleep in 1957. Fellow actor Barry Fitzgerald became the quiet man in 1961. King Frederick IX of Denmark hung his sailors outfit up for the last time in 1972. Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Robert Anthony Eden had his own exit poll confirmed in 1977. Raymond Albert ‘Ray’ Kroc who built McDonalds into what it is today, had one final drive through, the funeral home in 1984. Two years later, Donna Belle Mullenger or Donna Reed, who appeared in It’s a Wonderful Life found it wasn’t so wonderful dead in 1986. First dead Norwegian of the day, grunter Terjen Bakken or ‘Valfar’ as he was known to his Viking metal fans stopped suffering from tinnitus in 2004. Outlandish German fashion designer Rudolph Moshammer found his life cut short in 2005. Second dead Norwegian of the day, Jon Bing – he of the moustache and bald head with long hair at the back, got his dust to dust moment in 2014. Finally, act tor Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman has had an eye in the sky since last year.


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