Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 16th January

We start today’s posting with Norwegian of the day, author Dorothe Englebretsdatter’s parents sang their daughters praise from 1634. King Francis II of the Two Sicilies started to rule the house in 1836. Revered actor who hated acting, Johnston Forbes-Robertson put on a brave face in 1853. Co-founder of both tyre company and restaurant guide bearing his name – André Jules Michelin was a pumped up baby in 1853. Silent film star Harry Carey was there as it happened in 1878. Mum to diarist and loft deweller Anne, Edith Frank (née Holländer) started out in 1900. Large hat wearing Presidenti of Cuba, (before Fidel took things over) – Fulgencio Batista Zaldívar overthrew his parents lives from 1901. Also born that year, inventor of ice resurfacer for ice rinks, Frank Joseph Zamboni Jr., reached the edge. Potty mouthed actress/singer Ethel Agnes Zimmerman who went onto become known as Ethel Merman had a happy landing in 1908. Television/film director Leslie Herbert ‘Les’ Martinson was a young maverick in 1915. Former singer/manager of his Mrs, Celine Dion – René Angélil had a few years on her given he was born in 1942. Actor Kabir Beds suffered the doctor’s cut as opposed to the director’s one in 1946. Snooker player Clifford Charles Devlin ‘Cliff’ Thorburn had his initial trick shot in 1948. King Faud II of Egypt and the Sudan saw his first pyramids in 1952. Singer Helen Folasade Adu who abbreviated that to Sade Adu and then cut that down to Sade, has been a smooth operator since 1959. One third of The Grand Tour presenters – and it’s not Jezza, or ‘the Hamster’, but Captain Slow, James Daniel May jump started in 1963. Founding member of bright jumper wearing group ‘The Wiggles’, Gregory John ‘Greg’ Page was top of the tots in 1972. Supermodel Kate Moss had her first Croydon facelift in 1974.

As for deaths we start with grammarian Lindley Murray who reached a full stop in 1826. Founder of department stores bearing his name, Marshall Field had a fire sale of his own in 1906. President of Brazil, Francisco de Paula Rodrigues Alves found a cool spot in 1919. Subject of 70’s pop group with the St. Vitus’ dance sufferer – Boney M’s single Ma Baker, criminal Kate ‘Ma’ Barker found that taking on the FBI probably wasn’t such a good idea in 1935. Actress and Mrs Clark Gable, Jane Alice Peters/Carole Lombard went from hell to heaven in 1942. Equally known for his height (6ft 9ins/2.06m) as for his role in The Addams Family, actor Theodore Crawford ‘Ted’ Cassidy called time in 1979. Having mentioned actor John Bernard Lee a mere ten days ago, here he is again given his ashes whistled down the wind in 1981. Actor who played the Major in Fawlty Towers – Ballard Blascheck or Ballard Berkeley, found he didn’t need an evening paper from 1988. Star of the original Star Trek (along with many other roles), Glenn Corbett became a shadow force in 1993. Singer with doo-wop group The Coasters, Will J. ‘Dub’ Jones, was unable to ask anyone to, ‘Wake Me, Shake Me’ in 2000. Author/journalist and oldest son of Evelyn, Auberon Alexander Waugh had his last word in 2001. Writer of dull series Rumpole of the Bailey and barrister, (not to be found making coffee anywhere), Sir John Clifford Mortimer left it to will in 2009. Founder of Taco Bell, Glen William Bell Jr., found himself somewhat crispy in 2010. Inventor of Etch A Sketch, Andrés Cassagnes erased himself in 2013. Known for his role in The Partridge Family, David Joseph ‘Dave’ Madden left home for good in 2014. Finally, hairy star of The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams, Daniel Francis ‘Dan’ Haggerty wanted to be buried like an angel last year.


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