Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 18th January

Today, we start the births paragraph with founder of thesaurus named after him, yes, Peter Mark Roget was born, delivered, hatched etc in 1779. Inventor of barbed wire, Joseph Glidden had a smooth exit in 1813. First Prime Minister of Australia – Edmund Barton, who got a mention on 7th January when he retired from the sun gets another go given he didn’t contest his birthdate from 1849. Assistant to Alexander Graham Bell, (he of telephone fame), Thomas Augustus Watson heard voices for the first time in 1854. Writer of Winnie the Pooh, Alan Alexander Milne was the lucky one born in 1882. Larger half of comedy acting duo Laurel & Hardy, Norvell Hardy (or to his fans) – Oliver Norvell ‘Babe’ Hardy, was on the loose from 1892. English born actor, Archibald Alexander Leach who went onto become known as Cary Grant, found this is the night in 1904. Fellow actor David Daniel Kaminsky/Danny Kaye had his initial starring role in 1911. Coulrophobics look away now as Robert Lewis ‘Bob’ Bell who also went by his alter ego ‘Bozo the Clown’, had his entrée in 1922. Engineer/inventor with the noise reduction system named after him, Ray Milton Dolby began hearing in 1933. Singer with Motown group The Temptations, Davis Eli ‘David’ Ruffin was gettin’ ready back in 1941. Having mentioned first Australian Prime Minister Edmund Barton (above), here’s the slightly less refined 24th PM, Paul John Keating didn’t put his mum through too much labour in 1944. Industrial designer with a few restaurants to his name, Philippe Starck had a simple but inventive structure in 1949. Star of some better films than others, Kevin Michael Costner found a perfect world in 1955. Actress Barbara Jane Horrocks had a little voice in 1964. Norwegian of the day, non doped up cyclist Thor Hushovd got into the rhythm in 1978.

As for deaths, King Peter I of Portugal and the Algarve was unable to sip any more port and lemon from 1367. Tenth President of the United States of America, John Tyler vacated the White House in 1862. Silent film actor Wallace Reid must have let out a sigh, or even a murmur on his death bed in 1923. Writer of The Jungle Book (among other works), Joseph Rudyard Kipling didn’t get to see the undertakers in 1936. Formerly one of the Three Stooges, Jerome Lester Horowitz who went by his stage name ‘Curly Howard’, was unable to turn back the clock in 1952. Actor who achieved fame in Hollywood late in life, Sydney Hughes Greenstreet found they die with their boots on in 1954. Actor known for playing Albert Steptoe as well as being partial to a drink and opportunist at public toilets, Wilfred Brambell started to suffer dry rot from 1985. Artist Norman Anthony ‘Tony’ Hart morphed into a corpse in 2009. Finally, founding member of The Eagles, Glenn Frey found the heat is on at the crem in 2016.


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