Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 19th January

Ancient royal of the week who also happens to start today’s posting goes to King France (for all of 17 months) and King Consort of Scotland – Francis II started feeling a little ruff in 1544. Inventor James Watt began to let off steam from 1736. Writer Edgar Allan Poe wasn’t in a predicament once born in 1809. Person credited with inventing the word constipated (among other achievements), Henry Bessemer had a regular birth in 1813. Dauber in the post-impressionist style, Paul Cézanne certainly impressed his parents in 1839. First recorded swimmer of the English Channel, Matthew Webb started thrashing about in 1848. Actor Guy Madison made it through the final frontier in 1922. Having mentioned Philip ‘Phil’ Everly on the 3rd January when he rolled over, here he is again given he wasn’t born yesterday in 1939. Gravelly voiced actor Michael ‘Mike’ Read took a year or so from 1940 to start running around. Fellow actor who moved from Frank Spencer to The Phantom of the Opera, Michael Patrick Smith or Michael Crawford, raised the curtain in 1942. Singing hippie Janis Lyn Joplin was a real cry baby in 1943. Well known (for a couple of things), singer Dolly Rebecca Parton had her mum think, ‘don’t drop out’ in 1946. Singer/songwriter Robert Palmer was simply irresistible to his parents in 1949. Also born that year, snooker player Dennis Taylor had a double kiss from his mum. Frizzy haired chief arm waver for the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Simon Denis Rattle started off life in 1955 as he meant to carry on. Six time tennis grand slam winner, Stefan Bengt Eberg took it to break point in 1966. F1 champ from 2009, Jenson Alexander Lyons Button didn’t get a reconnaissance lap before his birth in 1980.

Death wise it appears to be another quiet day, that said, we begin with Governor of New Mexico Charles Bent found himself dead straight in 1847. Empress consort of Mexico, Princess Charlotte of Belgium left the moules frites alone after 1927. Gold medal divot replacer at the 1904 Olympics, Clement Smoot didn’t get to play around after 1963. Controversial mystic guru with the beard, Chandra Mohan Jain or Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, has experienced eternal peace since 1990. Actor from television series Lawman, Kohn Lawrence Russell headed west in 1991. Soul singer Wilson Pickett was less than one step away from death in 2006. Ukrainian chess master Anatoly Alexandrovich Bannik went for a permanent adjournment in 2013. Finally, actress and widow to lovey Richard ‘Dicky’ Attenborough, Sheila Beryl Grant Attenborough (née Sim) didn’t have a great day in 2016.


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