Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 20th January

Today’s births paragraph starts with King Sebastian of Portugal and the Algarves, who took on the top job upon his arrival in 1554. Continuing the ancient royal theme, King Charles III of Spain, King Charles VII of Naples and Charles V of Sicily whilst also being Duke of Parma and Piacenza on his days off, led the way in 1716. Person who has an electric current named in his honour, André -Marie Ampère lit up the world from 1775. Comedian with the round bins and cigar, Nathan Birnbaum or as he was better known, George Burns had his parents walking the baby in 1896. Ceramic artist Clarice Cliff didn’t have a glazed look after birth in 1899. Naturalist/author who was mentioned on 3rd January when she died, Friederike Victoria ‘Joy’ Adamson (née Gessner) started the searching spirit in 1910. Seventh President of Pakistan Ghulam Ishaq Khan resigned himself to being born in 1915. First Norwegian of the day, author, and, (of all things), ski jumper Thorleif Schjeldrup experienced the take off in 1920. Second Norwegian of the day, singer of two ‘Nil point’ songs at the Eurovision Sing Contest, Nora Brockstedt found her voice in 1923. Not the pervy vicar with the same name, but composer of experimental music, David Eugene Tudor made some noise in 1926. Second person to walk on the moon, Edwin Eugene ‘Buzz’ Aldrin Jr., took birth in his stride back in 1930. Fourth Dr. Who with the distinctive voice, Thomas Stewart ‘Tom’ Baker started time travelling in 1934. Film director David Keith Lynch saw his first twin peaks in 1946. Actress and ex-Mrs A Stardust, Liza Goddard was born in 1950 yes, honestly. Tall singer Heather Small is proud to have arrived in 1965. Tax-avoiding popster and ex-judge on dreary singing show The X Factor, Gary Barlow’s parents had their greatest day in 1971. A few years later in 1979, winner of pre-cursor to the X Factor, the equally dull Pop Idol William Robert ‘Will’ Young thought head better leave right now. Taking after his grandfather – Jacques Cousteau on taking pictures of the ocean, Philippe-Pierre Jacques-Yves Arnault Cousteau Jr., didn’t get a water birth in 1980.

Today, as you will see, isn’t a day to be a king, but before we start on them we see Pope Fabian find he didn’t need his rosary beads after 250. Actor with the member’s club and theatres named in his honour, David Garrick probably wished he hadn’t mentioned ‘the Scottish play’ in 1779. King Charles IV of Spain was in permanent exile from 1819. Architect Sir John Soane drew a line under his life in 1837. King Christian VIII of Denmark and King Christian Frederick of Norway stopped dressing as the Duke of Wellington in 1848. Fellow King, this one of Hawaii, Kalākaua who was mentioned on 16th November when he arrived into the world, gets another mench given he hung his garland and garish shirt up in 1891. Aussie Rules umpire Henry ‘Ivor’ Crapp heard the final siren in 1924. King of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions and Emperor of India, George Frederick Ernest Albert V nearly finished his days in Bognor back in 1936. Swimmer who swopped his trunks for acting in a loin cloth, Johann Peter Weißmüller or Johnny Weissmuller found old age caught up with him in 1984. Iconic actress Audrey Hepburn had to wait until dark before expiring in 1993. Non chewing gum, football boot throwing ex-Manchester United Football Club coach Sir Alexander Matthew ‘Matt’ Busby didn’t get extra time in 1994. Dead Norwegian of the day, ex-Prime Minister of the country, Per Borten dissolved himself in 2005. Finally, singer born Jamesetta Hawkins but known as Etta James, didn’t get a second time round given she died in 2012.


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