Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 22nd January

Ancient king of the day goes to Charles V of France who started off life as a dolphin, or le Dauphin in 1338. King Oscar II of Sweden and Norway had the ermine cape on standby in 1829. Fashion designer Christian Dior didn’t fabricate his birthdate in 1905. Test pilot to 487 different types of aircraft, Eric Melrose ‘Winkle’ Brown glided through in 1919. Slap head actor Aristotelis ‘Telly’ Savalas must have heard the saying, ‘Who loves you baby?’ for the first time in 1922. Talking of slap heads, comedian known for doing just that, Alfred Hawthorne ‘Benny’ Hill started running around (minus Yakety Sax) a year or so after 1924. Golfer Jack William Nicklaus was released from the bunker in 1940. One of the Three Tenors, (not the one who waved his hanky about), José Plácido Domingo Embil found how big his lungs were in 1941. Motown singer Charles Edwin Hatcher, who earned a record deal under the name Edwin Starr, established contact with his mum from 1942. Doyle, (or was it Bodie?) from The Professionals, Martin Shaw didn’t look back in anger once delivered in 1945. Singer born Leslie Sebastian Charles who’s now known as Billy Ocean wasn’t born suddenly in 1950. Co-founder of computer programming company Microsoft, Paul Gardner Allen slowed down for birth in 1953, thereby coming up with the idea for his product in later life. Actress, and one half of Thelma & Louise, Virginia Elizabeth ‘Geena’ Davis has been in a league of her own from 1956. Having mentioned her band mate Melanie Chisholm on 12th January, here’s another Spice Girl, this one, ‘Baby Spice’ or Emma Lee Bunton isn’t so young now given she’s 41. Australian born but now British tennis player, Laura Robson had the advantage in 1994. Royal Norwegian of the day, Princess Ingrid Alexandra became second in line to the throne from 2004.

Having not had a dead Pope for all of, ooh, a day, here’s Pope Paschal II who started missing Mass from 1118. King Louis XVI of France lost his head in 1793. Dead Norwegian of the day, illustrator of trolls and fairy tales, Theodore Severin Kittelsen didn’t get to sharpen his pencil again after 1914. Russian revolutionary Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov who went by the name Lenin, started lying in state from 1924. Writer of both Animal Farm and 1984, Eric Arthur Blair but went by the pen name George Orwell, didn’t manage to come up for air after 1950. Film director Cecil Blount DeMille had his final scene in his bedroom back in 1959. Singer Jack Leroy ‘Jackie’ Wilson Jr., went higher and higher in 1984. Stetson hat wearing manager of Elvis Presley, Thomas Andrew ‘Colonel Tom’ Parker left the building himself in 1997. Singer Norma Deloris Egstrom, or Peggy Lee, wondered is that all there is to death in 2004. Finally, film director and acerbic restaurant critic, Robert Michael Winner calmed down in 2013.


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