Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 22nd January

Today’s posting begins with Edmund Blackadder looky likey and fan of the ruff, Francis Bacon, (not the painter) but Lord Chancellor of England was philosophical about being born in 1561. George Gordon Byron or 6th Baron Byron or even Lord Byron didn’t have hours of idleness in 1788. Burmese diplomat Thant born in 1909, obviously started the trend for odd names as UN Secretary General. Ball kicker with the last English World Cup winning team, Alfred Ernest ‘Alf’ Ramsey was born behind closed doors in 1920. Soul singer Samuel ‘Sam’ Cooke was so glamorous in 1931. Chief wine slurper whilst cooking, (thereby pre-empting Keith Floyd by a good 20 years), Graham Kerr or the ‘Galloping Gourmet’ must have been a plump baby in 1934. Actor John Vincent Hurt was a little sweetheart in 1943. Ginger curly haired manager of The Sex Pistols and ex-squeeze to Vivienne Westwood, Malcolm Robert Andrew McLaren was round the outside, round the outside (repeat ad infinitum) in 1946. Singer Stephen Ray ‘Steve’ Perry started his journey in life from 1949. Swinging frontman of band INXS Michael Kelland John Hutchence was the new sensation in 1960. Boxer Nigel Gregory Benn was a featherweight in 1964. Born Jeffrey Allen Townes before taking the slightly snappier name, DJ Jazzy Jeff found he knew when to stand up following his birth in 1965. Norwegian of the day, cross country skier Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen adopted the classical technique during birth in 1987.

As for deaths, astronomer co-responsible for the Mason-Dixon line, Jeremiah Dixon failed to consult the stars in 1779. Dour faced long serving Queen of the United Kingdom and Ireland, not forgetting her stint as Empress of India and wife to Albert, Queen Victoria wasn’t amused at dying in 1901. Pope Benedict XV had the incense wafted around in his honour back in 1922. Sidekick to Errol Flynn, actor Alan Hale Sr., (dad to the imaginatively named actor Alan Hale Jr.), dropped through the hatch in 1950. Inventor of old biddies favourite hair do, the permanent wave, (or the perm), Karl Ludwig Nessler found he wasn’t a permanent fixture in 1951. Co-founder of Newsday with the art gallery named after him, Harry Frank Guggenheim didn’t get to see his obit in 1971. 36th President of the United States of America, Lyndon Baines Johnson was unable to answer the red telephone from 1973. Keeping with the Presidential theme, 28th President of Chile, Eduardo Frei Montalva just about made it to 71 in 1982. Bald headed lolly pop sucking and mac wearing detective who was mentioned only yesterday, Aristotellis ‘Telly’ Savalas beat the battle of the bulge in 1994. Singer William MacArthur ‘Billy’ MacKenzie no longer associated with people from 1997. Pill popping Australian actor Heath Ledger met the dark knight in Manhattan in 2008. Actress Jean Merilyn Simmonds found the way to the stars in 2010. Finally, randy cabinet minister under the Thatcher Government, Cecil Parkinson has managed to keep it in since 2015.


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