Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 23rd January

John Hancock, patriot of the American Revolution now with the tower in Chicago named in his honour, gets another birthday mention as on the New Style calendar it shows he arrived in 1737. First Norwegian of the day, writer and early day bra burner (from Kristiansand), Jacobine Camilla Collett (née Wergeland) started plotting life in 1893. Easel botherer Édouard Manet made a real impression on his parents in 1832. Optical scientist with the pronounced jaw line and co-owner of Carl Zeiss, Ernst Karl Abbe found the aperture in 1840. Firearms designer, (who wouldn’t realise quite how they’d be used in the future), John Moses Browning didn’t suffer a blow back in 1855. Continuing the shooting theme, second Norwegian of the day – Ole Sæther got his aim straight in 1870. Indian writer Jyotirmoyee Devi started her first chapter in life back in 1894. Actor George Randolph Scott wasn’t born reckless in 1898. Escapee from Colditz Castle before taking part in the Nuremberg Trials, Airey Middleton Sheffield Neave made his escape in 1916. Inventor of ‘Pluto Platters’ or as they later became known, Frisbees – Walter Frederick ‘Fred’ Morrison threw himself into life back in 1920. Actor known for playing William ‘Buck’ Rogers, Gilbert C. ‘Gil’ Gerard also had the starring role in 1943. Heineken swilling clog wearing actor Rutger Oelsen Hauer hitched a ride in 1944. One third of family group ‘The Pointer Sisters’, (a cold day when they came up with that name me thinks), Anita Marie Pointer won the ‘should I do it?’ argument in 1948. Pilot of the Hudson River plane service, Chelsey Burnett ‘Sully’ Sullenburger III hopefully didn’t have such a bumpy ride when delivered in 1951. Eldest daughter of Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly – Caroline, Princess of Hanover has been attended to since 1957. Model and ex-co presenter (or player of the same records) on London’s Capital Radio Breakfast Show, Lisa Snawdon or Lisa Snowdon started waking up early from 1972.

As for people expiring, explorer with not only a bay but also an island named in his honour, William Baffin began examining earth in 1622. Founder of probably the best drink in the world, (and it’s not Danish) bearing his name, Arthur Guinness ran out of shelf life in 1803. Britain’s youngest Prime Minister William Pitt the Younger obviously found age caught up with him given he was dispatched in 1806. Wearer of a tutu whilst pirouetting across the stage, Anna Pavlovna (Matveyevna) Pavlova gave her best dying swan routine in 1931. Dead Norwegian of the day, painter Edvard Munch didn’t scream on his death bed in 1944. Heir to the Onassis fortune, Alexander Socrates Onassis cashed in his chips in 1973. Actor known for his role in The Great Dictator, Jack Oakie left the wild party in 1978. Artist with the waxed moustache (and long name), Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech Marqués de Dalí de Pùbol, or just Salvador Dalí found he didn’t have to shave again from 1989. Top class snapper Helmut Neustädter, (or to give him his anglicised surname Newton), saw his life flash before him in 2004. Early day desk hogger who stayed on the television schedules for 30 years, John William ‘Johnny’ Carson went quiet in 2005. Finally, nutritional expert Francois Henri ‘Jack’ LaLanne munched his last doughnut in 2011.


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