Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 24th January

Chief wall builder, (and it’s not Donald before you ask), but Roman Emperor Hadrian who probably did the English a favour – starts today’s posting given he wasn’t boxed in from 73. King Gustav III of Sweden, the one with the curly hair, started camping it up from 1746. Not the tattooed big headed pop singer, but Olympic medal winning archer – Robert Williams hit the bullseye in 1841. Novelist Ethel Turner was a little larrikin in 1873. Oil executive James Howard Marshall II, the aged billionaire who thought all his ships came in when he married dolly bird Anna Nicole Smith, spilled forth in 1905. Walking pensioner activist Doris ‘Granny D’ Haddock, found her pace in 1910. Zoologist who must have had an interesting chat with his career teacher, Desmond John Morris discovered his inner ape in 1928. Turkey farmer Trevor Bernard Matthews knew where he was in the pecking order within his family from 1930. Guilty pleasure singer Neil Leslie Diamond made his first not so beautiful noise in 1941. Also born that year is one of multi million record selling family group, The Neville Brothers – Aaron Neville started his grand tour. Actress probably more famous for being killed by Charles Manson, Sharon Marie Tate was a model child in 1943. Comedy actor John Adam Belushi found sweet home Chicago in 1949. Keeping with tradition, Norwegian of the day is singer who actually won dull fest that is the Eurovision Song Contest, Hanne Krough Sundbø was a hit with her family in 1956. Alternative comedian and Mr Jennifer Saunders, Adrian Charles ‘Ade’ Edmundson has been the magnificent one since 1957. Musician and band leader (minus the sash), with the distinctive voice, Julian Miles ‘Jules’ Holland squeezed through in 1958. ‘Comedian’, James Roderick Muir who’s better known as Vic Reeves was born free in 1959. Another actress involved with Roman Polanski, Nastassja Aglaia Kinski didn’t make the wrong move in 1961. Fellow actress Mischa Anne Barton had her homecoming moment in 1986.

The following weren’t so lucky given their time was up, and we start with Pope Stephen III who saw his last sunrise over the Vatican in 772. It’s not the day to be a Churchill as first up is Lord Randolph Henry Spencer-Churchill, dad to Winston didn’t get to wear his top hat again after 1895. Founder of shipbuilding company bearing his name, Sir Alfred Fernandez Yarrow scuttled himself in 1932. Having just mentioned his dad, here’s the best Prime Minister Great Britain ever had – Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill stopped giving the V sign in 1965. Founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, who I can’t really tell you about given it’s supposed to be an anonymous organisation, but William Griffith ‘Bill’ Wilson didn’t know who his friends were when he died in 1971. Known for being one of The Three Stooges, Louis Feinberg or just Larry Fine was anything but in 1975. Founder of controversial religion Scientology, Lafayette Ronald Hubbard released his grip on the ‘stress-o-meter’ thing they get people to try in 1986. Serial killer Theodore Robert Cowell/Bundy found his days at an end in 1989. One time majority shareholder in rotting car maker Fiat, Giovanni ‘Gianni’ Agnelli rusted away in 2003. Star of Bonanza, Pernell Elven Roberts Jr., headed west himself in 2010. Actor of stage, screen and television, James Farentino had the final countdown in 2012. Finally, artificial intelligence (AI) pioneer Marvin Lee Minsky didn’t have to pretend about being a member of Mensa from 2016.


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