Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 25th January

Scottish poet Robert Burns kicks off today’s births paragraph given he was piped into the world back in 1759. Major general in the Confederate Army, George Edward Pickett led the charge in 1825. Esteemed writer William Somerset Maugham, had the good manners to be born in 1874. Female version of the above, Adeline Virginia Woolf (née Stephen), didn’t know if she was born on Monday or Tuesday in 1882. Singer Farrell H. (‘Rusty’) Draper couldn’t shout, ‘Help me, I’m falling’ in 1923. Second President of Georgia, Eduard Amvroslyevich Shevardnadze started to rise through the ranks from 1928. Known for his role in The Herbie films, actor Dean Carroll Jones’ mum wasn’t called Mandie, but he still made it through the secret tunnel in 1931. Having mentioned Jamesetta Hawkins/Etta James a mere five days ago in the second paragraph, here she is again given she was all the way down in 1938. Model who moved around the Rolling Stones, Anita Pallenberg strode forward in 1944. Gay rights activist who tried to arrest TIM (That Idiot Mugabe), Peter Gary Tatchell didn’t hit a stonewall during birth in 1952. Classical singer (in Hindustani), Kavita Krishnamurthy recorded her first day in 1958. Singer Alicia Augello Coo, or as the IRS know her – Alicia Keys, found the element of freedom in 1981.

There aren’t many deaths to report on today, but we do start with Genseric (other alternatives are available), King of the Vandals and the Alans, (but not vandals called Alan), wrecked his own life in 477. Yet another Pope making it onto the list is non breathing Pope Gregory IV who expired in 844. Extremely wide hat wearer, King Christian II of Denmark & Norway, (as well as Sweden), or ‘Christian the Tyrant’ suffered his final downfall in 1559. Cartographer Guillaume Delisle plotted his grave in 1726. Russian chess player, Mikhail Ivanovich Chigorin took the basic ending in 1908. Proper American gangster, (without his trousers hanging round his lower buttocks) who was mentioned eight days ago in the births paragraph – Alphonse Gabriel ‘Al’ Capone didn’t speak easy after 1947. Fred’s older sis who also made a living twirling around the place, Adele Astaire waltzed off the planet in 1981. Youngest of seven children, actress (and ex-Mrs M. Rooney) – Ava Lavinia Gardner jumped off the band wagon in 1990. First cousin of Saddam Hussein, Ali Hassan Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti aka ‘Chemical Ali’ stopped hanging about in 2010. Finally, dead Norwegian of the day, opera soprano Aase Nordmo Løvberg didn’t have a drawn out death scene in 2013.


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