Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 26th January

We start today’s posting with Norwegian of the day who hedged his bets by being both a priest and poet, Jens Zetlitz had his prayers answered by being born in 1761. Gangster/crime boss Francesco Castiglia who became known as Frank ‘the Prime Minister’ Costello, started to be respected from 1891. Step mum/matriarch of family singers as featured in a film about them, Maria Augusta von Trapp or Baroness von Trapp bid so long, farewell etc to her mum’s stomach in 1905. Odd looking self righteous dictator, (sorry President) of Romania – Nicolae Ceausescu revolutionised his parents lives from 1918. Co-founder of Sony, Akio Marita switched on for the first time in 1921, whilst a year later in 1922 comedian Michael James Benton/Bentine had plenty of potty time. Actress born Joan Agnes Theresa Sadie Brodel, but who went onto find fame as Joan Leslie, was too young to know she was born in 1925. Also making an appearance that year, sauce maker, actor and not forgetting his car racing pursuits – Paul Leonard Newman had a new kind of love bestowed upon him. Corrupt football official who’s best mates with deluded Joseph ‘Sepp’ Blatter, Austin ‘Jack’ Warner kicked things off in 1943. Cellist Jacqueline du Pré strung along in 1945. Rocker with a band named after him, Edward Lodewijk ‘Eddie’ Van Halen didn’t so much jump as slip in 1955. One time sitcom star who’s now got her feet under the coffee table on her own chat show, Ellen Lee DeGeneres started burbling in 1958. ‘The Special One’ aka twice sacked manager of Chelsea Football (soccer) Club, José Mário dos Santos Mourhino Felix, (or just José Mourhino), took the lead in 1963. Also born that year, is silent half of 80’s band Wham! Andrew John Ridgeley experienced freedom for the first time. Founder of Internet Movie Database (IMDb), Colin ‘Col’ Needham added his name to the national database known as the birth register in 1967. Not a Hollywood, nor Bollywood, but Tollywood actor – Ravi Shankar Raju Bhupatiraju arrived on cue in 1968. Guinness world record holder, for having the largest feet – Brahim Takioullah’s granny started knitting baby socks in 1982. Actor Cameron Douglas Crigger or Cameron Bright, had his first birth in 1993. Child actor Lindzi James Tyger Drew-Honey had a Friday download in 1996.

Death wise it’s another pretty quiet day and to this end we start with another member of the composing Bach clan as Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach let out his last semi quaver in 1795. Major General Charles ‘Chinese’ Gordon, (not known for his liking of Chop Suey, rather the Taiping Rebellion), had his ultimate takeaway in 1885. Engineer who developed the compressed charge internal combustion engine, Nikolaus August Otto found himself internally compressed in a coffin back in 1891. Possible inventor of baseball and definite Union general in the American Civil War, Abner Doubleday suffered the three strikes and you’re out rule in 1893. Founder of the other bain of council’s worldwide, sticky gum manufacturer found on train/bus seats not forgetting the soles of your shoes, William Wrigley, Jr., chewed his last in 1932. Mobster Salvatore Lucania but known as Charles ‘Lucky’ Luciano saw his luck run out in 1962. Actor born Emanuel Goldenberg who went onto find fame as Edward G. Robinson found himself in a tight spot back in 1973. Possible male Russian athlete Valeriy Nikolayevich Brunel had his final high jump in 2003. Son of mussitating actor Marlon, Christian Devi Brando found his time was up in 2008. Singer with Motown all girl group, The Marvelettes – Gladys Catherine Horton didn’t get to keep holding on from 2011. Finally, actor Abraham Charles ‘Abe’ Vigoda definitely did die in 2016.


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