Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 28th January

Rather than start both paragraphs with a Pope, we see ancient Kings of England take that accolade today, and to this end we see King Henry VII of England, (or Henry Tudor 2nd Earl of Richmond as he was known before taking the top job), had a stable upbringing from 1457. Giulio Rospigliosi aka Pope Clement IX didn’t get any white smoke upon his arrival in 1600. George Hamilton-Gordon Prime Minister of Great Britain, peeled off in 1784. Getting his second mention in as many days, Charles George ‘Chinese’ Gordon found himself ready for his first battle in 1883. Explorer who tracked down Dr. Livingstone, Henry Morton Stanley started off life as John Rowlands in 1841. Inventor of the calculating machine, William Seward Burroughs I found life added up from 1857. Having missed the big day by 35 days, (or 332 days depending which way you count), painter Ernest William Christmas got through the masking fluid in 1863. First President of Finland, Kaarlo Juho Ståhlberg was a progressive child from 1865. Known as ‘The Birdman of Alcatraz’, Robert Franklin Stroud started to feed from 1890. Successful splatterer of paint on canvas Paul Jackson Pollock made his first mess in 1912. Puppeteer who gave Sooty that surprised look on his face (and we all know why), Harry Corbett made a less than quiet entrance to the world in 1918. Saxophonist and jazz club owner, Ronald Schatt or Ronnie Scott’s parents blew their trumpet when he was born in 1927. Known for his stripy waistcoats, bowler hat, goatee beard and clarinet playing, Bernard Stanley ‘Acker’ Bilk wasn’t lonely in 1929. Alphonso Joseph D’Abruzzo who found fame as Hawkeye Pierce in ‘comedy’ M*A*S*H, Alan Alder will be celebrating his birthday the same time next year as he has been doing since 1936. Diminutive scandal ridden ex-President of France, Nicholas Paul Stéphane Sarkōzy de Nagy-Bosca, or just Nicholas Sarkozy was even more diminutive in 1955. Comedian Christopher Graham Collins, who now goes by the name of Frank Skinner, took a year or so to stand up from 1957. A slight battle of the boy bands now ensues given Joseph Anthony ‘Joey’ Fatone Jr., of NSYNC went pop in 1977. Not to be outdone, Nickolas Gene ‘Nick’ Carter of the Backstreet Boys found himself born in a hospital in 1980. Having made his debut in Back to the Future Part II, Elijah Jordan Wood made a deep impact on his parents from 1981. Athlete who bagged a gold during the 2012 Olympics and doesn’t start puffing half way through the heptathlon, Jessica Ennis was a champion baby in 1986.

As promised above, here’s the second (and more famous) old King of England – Henry VIII didn’t have to listen to his sixth wife Catherine Parr after 1547. Founder of the Bodleian Library in Oxford, Sir Thomas Bodley has racked up a huge fine for not returning his books since 1613. Given Henry separated the Catholic Church from the Church of England, so Pope Paul V separated life from death in 1621. Dead Norwegian of the day, historian Ludvig Holberg found himself become history in 1754. Frederick John Robinson, 1st Viscount Goderich, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (for all of 144 days) – took his last title, deceased, in 1859. Nobel prize winning poet William Butler ‘W.B.’ Yeats went to where there is nothing in 1939. Olympic medal winning athlete/gymnast, Edward Victor Siegler fell flat in 1942. Ninth Prime Minister from the land of convicts and VB, James Henry ‘Jim’ Scullion went to bed permanently in 1953. Also not making it through the day is another Aussie PM, (the 15th incumbent lasting all of seven days), Francis Michael ‘Frank’ Forde found himself demobilised in 1983. Ronald William Wycherley who restyled himself as Billy Fury must have been pretty annoyed at expiring in 1983. Gregory Jarvis, (the one with the memorial on The Strand, Hermosa Beach), Christa McAuliffe, Ronald McNair, Ellison Onizuka, Judith Resnik, Francis Richard Scobee and Michael J Smith tragically went up in smoke when the Space Shuttle Challenger blew up in 1986. Voice actor Harold John ‘Hal’ Smith found the highway to heaven in 1994. Singer/songwriter with the girl’s name and founder of band ‘Traffic’, Nicola James ‘Jim’ Capaldi didn’t have something so strong in 2005. Sidekick to Benny Hill, Henry James Marris McGee didn’t get to slap any more bald men’s pates from 2006. Finally co-founding members of Jefferson Airplane, Signe Toly Anderson and Paul Lorin Kantner didn’t get to know it’s no secret they both died on the same day in 2016.


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