Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 29th January

Births today begin with coiffured haired King Christian VII of Denmark and Norway who took up residence in Copenhagen from 1749. Stern faced 25th President of the United States of America, (and seventh child to his parents), William McKinley started trying to attract attention in 1843. Short story writer Anton Pavlovich Chekhov joined his three sisters in 1860. Comedian/actor, William Claude Dukenfield or just W.C. Fields was born the old fashioned way in 1880. Actor of stage, screen and television Victor John Mature started to wake up screaming from 1913. Illustrator for Disney with the rather unfortunate surname – William Bartlett Peed, who somewhat wisely renamed himself Bill Peet, started to draw on life’s experiences from 1915. Actor who was the voice of ‘Charlie’ in Charlie’s Angels (among other roles) John, or Jacob, Lincoln Freud started out in 1918 before changing his name to John Forsyth. Best known for his role in The Beatles Film ‘A Hard Day’s Night’, John Francis Junkin started wombling free in 1930. Légion d’honneur holder and French crooner Alexandre ‘Sasha’ Distel was born round about midnight in 1933. Second wave bra burner who pops up on various television programmes, Germaine Greer under went the change in 1939. Sacked and then reinstated Radio DJ partial to wearing spangly jackets who tells corny jokes and had a melt down live on air, Anthony Kenneth ‘Tony’ Blackburn spun into life back in 1943. Proud moustache wearer who starred in Magnum P.I., Thomas William ‘Tom’ Selleck was in, then out in 1945. Irish broadcaster who’s actually stayed in Ireland, Patrick ‘Pat’ Kenny found his voice in 1948. Creator and voice actor for ALF, Paul Fusco wasn’t an Alien Life Form in 1953. Also born that year, member of The Gap Band, (not the house band for the clothes shop), Charles Kent ‘Charlie’ Wilson didn’t get to hear the nurse say, ‘Oops upside your head’ to him. Chat show queen who fluctuates between slim, and, err, not so slim, Oprah Gail Winfrey started tongues wagging in 1954. Actress Heather Joan Graham was blessed to be born in 1970. Starting out as a sports broadcaster, but now taking on the early Sunday morning God slot (along with anything else she’s offered), Clare Victoria Balding has been a good sport since 1971. Actor from the Free Willy films, (the ones about the whale in case you were wondering), Jason James Richter was a rugrat in 1980.

Beginning the deaths paragraph is a Pope, (yes, really), as Pope Gelasius II didn’t get to hear any more confessions after 1119. Aleksey Mikhailovich Tsar of All Russia, gave up procreating in 1676. Another Tsar of Russia, (well half Tsar, as he job shared with his younger brother), Ivan V Alekseyevich found he started lying still in 1696. King George III of the United Kingdom and Ireland handed on the crown in 1820. Poet, (or rather limerick writer), Edward Lear – he of The Owl and the Pussycat, didn’t get to see the boy on the burning deck after 1888. King Milan I of Serbia put his medal cleaner out of business in 1901. King Christian XI of Denmark finally took his sash off in 1906. Not only the name of a pub in Effingham (Surrey), but also a Field Marshall from the First World War, Douglas Haig took his last orders in 1928. Laurence of Arabia impersonator, ruler of Kuwait Sheikh Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah ran dry in 1950. Actor/comedian James Francis ‘Jimmy’ Durante had his last judgement in 1980. Finally, dead Norwegian of the day, actor Lars Andreas Larssen found himself edited out in 2014.


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