Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths – 30th January

Today’s posting starts quite late in 1882 and sees 32nd President of the United States of America, Franklin Delano Roosevelt named before the road and airport were given those monikers. Hindi novelist/poet, Jaishankar Prasad wrote herself into the plot back in 1890. Gardener who I remember as the green fingered old man chasing Blue Peter dogs off his vegetable patch, Percy John Thrower wasn’t quite a runner when born in 1913. Actor/film director John Benjamin Ireland started to wake up and dream from 1914. 5th Baron Profumo (albeit in the Kingdom of Sardinia), who’s better known as the British Cabinet Minister implicated in the scandal bearing his name, John Dennis ‘Jack’ Profumo was born without controversy in 1915. Film director Michael Joseph Anderson Sr., broke through the naked edge in 1920. Co-star of Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In, Thomas Richard ‘Dick’ Martin wasn’t laughing when born in 1922. Now retired actor Eugene Allen ‘Gene’ Hackman went to extreme measures in 1930. American state senator (for The Maryland 9th District), with the great name of F. Vernon Boozer was teetotal in 1936. Extreme member of the red team, actress Vanessa Redgrave was, it’s fair to say, a drop out in 1937. Having mentioned 32nd President of the United States of America (above), here’s the 46th Vice President – Richard Bruce ‘Dick’ Cheney got his first term in 1941. Loathed by most, loved by others – diminutive drummer and singer Philip David Charles ‘Phil’ Collins didn’t get one more night in his mum’s stomach given he entered the world in 1951. Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein – King of Jordan, got the name of his grandad in 1962. Actor Christian Charles Philip Bale made it out of the furnace in 1974. Also born that year, ex-Mrs Imran Khan, Jemima Marcelo Goldsmith isn’t hacked off about it. Lanky footballer (soccer) more suited to being a basketball player, Peter Crouch stretched out in 1981.

Death wise, not Larry Grayson’s mate but ruff wearing Gunpowder plotter, Everard Digby wore a rope necklace in 1606. First King of England, Scotland and Ireland called Chas, King Charles I found himself headless in 1649. Peter II Alexeyevich, Emperor of Russia threw his last vodka glass on the fire in 1730. Maker of the first American flag who was mentioned on 1st January, Elizabeth Griscom ‘Betsy’ Ross, furled herself up in 1836. Pebble glassed, sandal and sheet wearing Indian independence activist, Mohandas Karamchand ‘Mahatma’ Gandhi took the bullet in 1948. Also not making it through that year, flying pioneer Orville Wright found the dead stick. Nazi assisting automotive engineer who created the Volkswagen Beetle before finding over priced car manufacturer named after himself, Ferdinand Porsche reached the end of his particular cul-de-sac in 1951. Another Nazi sympathiser with the thick rimmed glasses, Ernst Heinkel touched down for the last time in 1958. Founding member of folk (read beard and sandals wearer) group – The Dubliners, Luke Kelly was dead, plain and simple from 1984. Actor John Herrick McIntyre jumped off the wagon train in 1991. Writer Sidney Sheldon left the Merry Widow in 2007. Gammy handed prankster Jeremy James Anthony Gibson-Beadle wasn’t game for a laugh from 2008. Composer/conductor or film music, John Barry (Prendergast) found the party’s over in 2011. Close harmony singer, (hopefully not out of tune) with her sisters, Patricia Marie ‘Patty’ Andrews wasn’t so much fenced as boxed in from 2013. Finally, actor Francis ‘Frank’ Finlay left the waiting room in 2016.


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