Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 28th February

Ancient royal of the week kicks today’s posting off as we see Margaret of Scotland, (born in Windsor Castle in 1261) before going onto become Queen of Norway. Having mentioned funambulist Jean François Gravelet/Charles Blondin a few days ago when he fell off the rope, here he is again given he had his first lunge in 1824. Dad to Liza and husband to Judy Garland, film director Vincente Minnelli jumped on the band wagon in 1903. Proper gangster Benjamin ‘Bugsy’ Siegel started terrorising his parents lives from 1906. Best known for his role in 1960’s/70’s sit-com Steptoe & Son, Harry H. Corbett carried on screaming after his birth in 1925. Mario Gabriele Andretti winner of various motor sport titles, (F1, IndyCar and NASCAR to name but three), lurched forward in 1940. Founding member and lead singer with Rolling Stones, Lewis Brian Hopkin Jones had the aftermath of birth in 1942. Unlikely sex thimble partial to wearing a duffel coat and looking like a gnome, Robert Finlayson ‘Robin’ Cook didn’t need a vote to be born in 1946. Soap opera actress Stephanie Beacham let the games begin in 1947. Another television celebrity chef who’ll be blowing out the candles on the birthday cake they’ve made, Ainsley Harriet will attempt to blow 60 of them out. Also born in 1957, singer/songwriter with the B52’s Cindy Wilson started roaming. Diminutive featherweight boxer, Finbar Patrick ‘Barry’ McGuigan was down and out in 1961. Norwegian of the day, middle distance runner Tor Øivind Ødegård broke the tape in 1969.

As for deaths, I’m pretty certain Pope Hilarius didn’t find it such when he died in 468 (or thereabouts). Explorer Juan de la Cosa lost his bearings in 1510. King Christian IV of Denmark and Norway, got to put his ermine and ruff down for good in 1648. Continuing the royal theme, we see King Alfonso XIII of Spain stop swigging the Rioja in 1941. First President of India, Rajendra Prasad took his independence to another level in 1963. 26th Prime Minister of Sweden, Sven Olaf Joachim Palme ran out of policies in 1986. Film director Ishiō Honda responsible for Godzilla must have scared himself to death in 1993. Star of sometime mildly amusing sit-com Father Ted, Dermot John Morgan needed a proper Father to officiate at his funeral in 1998. Hotel owner Baron Charles (Carmine) Forte, checked out for the last time in 2007. Hollywood sex symbol Ernestine Jane Geraldine Russell had a paleface from 2011. Mastermind of the Great Train Robbery, Bruce Richard Reynolds didn’t manage to blag his way out of death in 2013. Finally, Dermot Morgan’s co-star in Father Ted, Father Jack Hewitt or Frank Kelly wasn’t turning green, rather a pale white in 2016.

Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 27th February

Today’s posting begins with leading Shakespearean quoter Alice Ellen Terry, who thought there was much ado about nothing over her birth in 1847. Another actor, this one best known for his role in American sit-com My Three Sons, Carl William Demarest must have wondered what happened to father? during his birth in 1892. Co- discoverer of insulin Charles Herbert Best, gave his parents a shot of new life in 1899. Great pal of chimp owning, ‘friend’ of little boys, solo spangly glove wearing, black turned white singer Michael Jackson, actress Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor found there’s one born every minute in 1932. Ex-marine/Special Boat Service officer and Liberal Democrat MP, Jeremy John Durham Ashdown known as Paddy Pantsdown by the red tops and Paddy Ashdown to the voters, arrived not so secretly in 1941. Canadian actor Michel Forget has been able to remember his birthday every year from 1942. Singer/songwriter Stephen Malcolm Nice who had a band with the name of his alter ego Steve Harley, found himself tumbling down in 1951. Act tor Timothy Leonard Spall said, ‘Auf Wiedershen’ to his mum’s stomach in 1957. Girlfriend to punk rocker Side Vicious, Nancy Laura Spungen looked pretty vacant when born in 1958. English version of David Blaine, (born in Purley, Surrey), Derren Brown convinced his mum to give birth in 1971. Designer of pretty much all of Apple Computers best selling items, Jonathan Paul ‘Jony’ Ive started to sketch out his life from 1967. Singer, ex-plugger of frozen food, and, to some, (though not Katie Price or myself), a hunk – Peter James Andrea/Andre entered a whole new world in 1973. Ex-‘awkward’ looking daughter of impeached President of the United States of America, Chelsea Clinton made a democratic decision to enter the world in 1980.

As for deaths, first President of Harvard College – Harvey Dunster got a masters degree in taking things easy from 1659. Bag and trunk maker Louis Vuitton Malletier packed up for good in 1892. Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov lied down in 1936. Henry Louis Smith, the first person who made an X-Ray image didn’t get to see any more bones after 1951. Co-creator of Marvel Comics character Daredevil, William Blake ‘Bill’ Everett didn’t take on any super powers given he died in 1973. Known for his role Abner Kravitz in Bewitched, George Tobias found no one lives forever in 1980. Actor James Thomas Patrick ‘J.T’ Walsh had a silent fall in 1998. One third/fourth of The Goons, Terence Alan ‘Spike’ Milligan came up with two of the best epitaphs – ‘Under this sod lies another’ and the one he used on his grave, ‘I told you I was ill’ in 2002. Singer with The Temptations, Richard Allen Street didn’t manage to take another look around in 2013. Finally, actor known for his ears and unique V sign, Leonard Simon Nimoy was beamed up in 2015.

Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 26th February

Famous people born today, include, among others, writer of Les Misérables and The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Victor Marie Hugo had his parents ringing the bells with joy in 1802. Born Löb Strauß, but known as double denim king Levi Strauss obviously had good genes when born in 1829. Showman William Frederick ‘Wild Bill’ Cody didn’t make a song or dance about his birth in 1846. We have the vegetarian with the bushy goatee beard to thank for co-creating Cornflakes bearing his name, John Harvey Kellogg had all the milk at his disposal from 1852. Cartoon animator Frederick Bean ‘Tex’ Avery hopefully didn’t have a chilly willy once delivered in 1908. Born Phyllis Nan Sortain Peachey but better known as domineering television chef Fanny Craddock, was reduced to being born in 1909. Actress Elizabeth June Thornburg aka Betty Hutton was happy go lucky in 1921. Singer Antoine ‘Fats’ Domino Jr., found his thrill in 1928. Also born that year, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Scheinermann/Sharon started to command attention. Known for dressing in black, singer ‘J.R.’ Cash wasn’t a boy named Sue in 1932. Dad to Jemima (ex-Mrs Imran Khan) and ex-MP Zacharias (with another 6 children dotted about the place) – asset stripper, sorry, ‘business reorganiser’ and founder of the Referendum Party, James Michael ‘Jimmy’ Goldsmith had to do all the work in 1933. Norwegian of the day makes a reappearance here with Birgit Annalisa Rusanen or Marta Kristen wasn’t lost in all the space she gained after birth in 1945. First British winner of dullfest that is the Eurovision Song Contest, Sandra Ann Goodrich/Sandy Shaw, found there is always something to remind her of her birthday, (probably the cake and pop) from 1947. One time mullet wearer and shouter to music, now plugging Starburst sweets, Michael Bolotin who changed his name to Michael Bolton had a once in a lifetime experience in 1952. Ex-Prime Minister of Haiti, Garry Conille resigned himself to being born in 1966. Singer Corinne Jacqueline Bailey but goes by the name, Corinne Bailey Rae started to give her parents trouble sleeping from 1979.

Death wise, Grand Prince of Serbia – Stefan Nemanja didn’t get to partake in his feast day from 1199. Ginger haired King Eric XIV of Sweden dropped his roll mopped herrings in 1577. Machine gun designer Richard Jordan Gatling has had eye relief since 1903. Wearer of odd hats, Sultan/King of Morocco Mohammed V gave up haggling on life in 1961. Singer with The Platters, Cornelius E. ‘Cornell’ Gunter was unable to keep his promise ‘Keep Me Alive’ given he was dead in 1990. Acerbic cult comic William Melvin ‘Bill’ Hicks didn’t get any laughs when he died in 1994. Long time, (of 43 years) employee of Disney, James Algar found himself erased in 1998. Known for playing Miss Brahms in classic sit-com Are You Being Served? and Pauline Fowler in not so classic soap opera Eastenders, Wendy Emerton/Richard found she didn’t have to turn the light off in 2009. Finally, singer with the Chi-Lites, Frank Kevin ‘Tchallah’ Reed found he stopped what he was doing in 2014.

Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 25th February

Births today include, among many others, architect of the Royal Crescent (along with other places in Bath), John Wood, the Younger had a mere wash from his mum in 1728. French painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir made the right impression with his folks from 1841. Mum to Phil the Greek and mum in law to Queen Liz, Princess of Battenberg (as in cakes/police car designs), who went onto become Princess Andrew of Greece and Denmark moved around a bit after her birth in 1885. Indian spiritual master Merwan Sheriar Irani or Meher Baba, didn’t undertake the vow of silence in 1894. Youngest of the Marx Brothers (as in comedy actors not communist sympathisers), Herbert Manfred ‘Zeppo’ Marx engineered his arrival in 1901. Actor who played Mr. Magoo, James Gilmore ‘Jim’ Backus was unable to hear the doctor say, ‘Hello down there’ in 1913. Author who came up with A Clockwork Orange, John Anthony Burgess Wilson or just Anthony Burgess, was very good on going to bed from 1917. Korean brain washer and marrier of total strangers, Mun Yong-myeong or Sun Myung Moon wasn’t quite so unified with his mum from 1920. Wimple and habit wearing nun who likes to look at nudes (among other things), Sister Wendy Beckett started her grand tour in 1930. Slap head star of numerous Carry On films, Bernard Bresslaw found a hole in 1934. Film producer David Terence Puttnam was a local hero in Southgate, London back in 1941. One fourth of 1960’s super group The Beatles before going onto embrace Transcendental Meditation twisted and shouted in 1943. Singer Elaine Bookbinder or Elkie Brooks didn’t want to cry out loud in 1945. Lee Evans (not the sweaty comedian who runs around the stage), but double Olympic medal winning athlete had a late spurt in 1947. Former Presidenti of Argentina and late husband to Cristina, Néstor Kirchner didn’t start his own dirty war in 1950. By some strange quirk of fate, we also see Lee Evans the sweaty comedian who runs around the stage (and not the double Olympic medal winning athlete), was also born this day in 1964. Elizabeth Téa Pantaleoni who goes by the name of Téa Leoni was flying blind in 1966. Rogue derivatives trader who bought Barings Bank down, Nicholas William ‘Nick’ Leeson didn’t bankrupt his parents after his birth in 1967. Son of ageing singing lothario who imaginatively (or vainly) was named after his dad, Julio José Iglesias Jr., came along to carry on the family tradition in 1973.

Death wise, Eleanor of Austria who was actually Queen of Portugal and France (not too sure how that works), but anyway, she was very down to earth in 1558. Architect of St Paul’s Cathedral, Sir Christopher Wren probably didn’t design his demise in 1723. Founder of news agency bearing his adopted name, born Israel Beer Josaphat or Paul Julius von Reuter became yesterday’s news in 1899. French serial killer Henri Désiré Landru lost his head (literally) in 1922. Adelard Cunin who went by the gangland name George ‘Bugs’ Moran found himself out of the gang in 1957. Playwright Thomas Lanier ‘Tennessee’ Williams III had his final chapter in 1983. Heavyweight boxing world champ, Arnold Raymond Cream or Jersey Joe Walcott found himself knocked out in 1994. Cricketer Sir Donald George ‘Don’ Bradman had his own ashes in 2001. Inventor of the Walkie Talkie, Donald Lewis Hings had his over and out moment in 2004. Founder of Amnesty International Peter James Henry Solomon or Peter Benenson found his human rights withdrawn in 2005. Finally, actor Darren McGavin was touched by an angel in 2008.

Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths – 24th February

Today’s posting is another light(ish) one and we start with, Ippolito Aldobrandini or Pope Clement VIII who started to rise through the ranks from 1536. Younger brother of German folklore tale writing duo the Brothers Grimm, Wilhelm Carl Grimm found birth anything but in 1786. Admiral who commanded the American fleet in the Pacific Ocean, Chester William Nimitz gave his mum navel nightmares once born in 1885. Rollo Smolt Thorpe or just Richard Thorpe, original director of The Wizard of Oz (for all of two weeks), didn’t quite have a date with Judy in 1896. Actor Solomon Krakovsky who renamed himself Steven Hill, didn’t find birth a mission impossible in 1922. Fellow actor Dominic Chianese got to meet his godfather in 1931. Italian Prime Minister (minus the sleaze scandals, bunga bunga parties and alleged links to the Mafia), not Silvio Berlusconi but Benedetto ‘Bettino’ Craxi led a blameless life from 1934. Co-founder of plodders and wheezers favourite apparel with the swoosh as its trademark, Philip Hampson ‘Phil’ Knight was out of the starting blocks in 1938. Bollywood actor Jai Om Yadav ‘Joy’ Mukherjee made his debut in 1939. Singer with imploded 1960’s group Manfred Mann, Paul Jones/Pond found his parents cock-a-hoop at his arrival in 1942. Actor who likes to sing the theme tune to the show he’s in, Dennis Waterman didn’t need a minder when he left hospital in 1948. Singer/guitarist George Thorogood moved on over in 1950. One of the few Belgians to get a mention here, Roger Allen François Jouret who’s probably better known as one hit wonder Plastic Bertrand didn’t have a stand in for his birth in 1954. Tech king, (no, not Bill Gates), but Steven Paul ‘Steve’ Jobs was ‘appily born in 1955. Also born that year, French champ of driving round and round a track countless times, Alain Prost’s parents toasted his arrival. Alternative folk singer Karen Michelle Johnson or Michelle Shocked had a short sharp shocked look on her face when born in 1962. Comedian with musical instruments as part of his act, Mark Robert ‘Bill’ Bailey had a certain bewilderness once delivered in 1964. One half of comedy duo Armstrong & Miller, Bennet Evan ‘Ben’ Miller didn’t have the worst week of his life in 1966. Pugilist Floyd Joy Sinclair (better known as Floyd Mayweather Jr.,) hit the ropes in 1977. White short and shirt wearing tennis player Lleyton Hewitt had the advantage in 1981.

Death wise, we have a day off from dead Popes – so we start with Joseph I King of Portugal and the Algarves, who found his days sprawled out on the sun lounger over in 1777. Inventor credited with developing the first commercially successful steamboat Robert Fulton rather ironically ran out of steam in 1815. First President of Liberia Joseph Jenkins Roberts didn’t get to see the main airport named after him given he rolled over in 1876. Prime Minister of Sweden (with the moustache), Karl Hjalmar Branting took the peace prize to the next level in 1925. Son of publisher B.C. Forbes, Malcolm Stevenson Forbes was pulped in 1970. Sportscaster Danny Gallivan signed off in 1993. Also not making it through that year, World Cup ball kicking captain of West Ham United, Robert Frederick Chelsea (I bet he kept that quiet) ‘Bobby’ Moore found himself more than offside. Actor born Emanuel Hirsch Cohen who adopted John Randolph as his stage name was a bit numb in 2004. Finally, Francis ‘Franny’ Beecher, guitarist with Bill Haley & his Comets stopped goofin’ around in 2014.

Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 23rd February

Today’s a fairly steady day for births and deaths – to this end we start with Pietro Barbo, who went onto become Pope Paul II had to confess his birthday was in 1417. Dear Diary writer, Samuel Pepys started keeping tabs from 1633. Baroque composer and previous next door neighbour to Jimi Hendrix, George Frederic Handel orchestrated his arrival in 1685. Hotelier with a few hotels (and numerous cafes) dotted around the globe bearing his name, César Ritz checked out what birth was all about in 1850. First President of Estonia, Konstantin Päts used his loaf and was born in 1874. Film director responsible for The Wizard of Oz and Gone With the Wind (among others), Victor Lonzo Fleming was a son of his father in 1889. 20th Prime Minister of Australia, William ‘Billy’ McMahon held the balance of power in 1908. Pilot of B-29 ‘Enola Gay’ which bombed Hiroshima with the atomic bomb, Paul Warfield Tibbett Jr dropped by in 1915. One of the Fonda acting clan, Peter Henry Fonda found it was open season in 1940. Actress from Star Trek born Majel Leigh Hudec, but known as Majel Barrett-Roddenbury teleported herself in 1932. Synth popster with the chained mime artist in the background, John Howard Jones didn’t play hide and seek in 1955. Dull sounding singer with 80’s band Japan, David Alan Batt or as his autograph now states David Sylvian was made up being born in 1958. Naruhito, Crown Prince of Japan joined the ranks of waiting royals in 1960. Norwegian of the day, lanky haired guitarist with Swedish band Europe, John Terry Norum had his start from the dark in 1964. Computer manufacturer bearing his name, Michael Saul Dell logged on for the first time in 1965 and has been slowing down ever since. Actress Tamsin Margaret Mary Greig found birth much ado about nothing in 1966. Former model and now television presenter, Melinda Jane Messenger struck the right pose in 1971. Actress and ex-squeeze of Mickey Bubbles, Emily Olivia Leah Blunt started having bumps and bruises from 1983.

Death wise, we also start this paragraph with a Pope given Pope Eugene IV stopped selecting hymns in 1447. Romantic poet and best mate with Lord Byron, John Keats didn’t get to write a sonnet about tuberculosis before dying in 1821. Sixth President of the United States of America, John Quincey Adams had no say in his death back in 1848. Known for her opera singing before going on to be associated with two desserts and a piece of toast, Helen Porter Mitchell or Dame Nellie Melba went quiet in 1931. Composer Sir Edward William Elgar had to wait 65 years from his death in 1934 before appearing on the back of an English £20 note. Inventor of Bakelite plastic, Leo Henricus Arthur Baekeland was somewhat brittle himself from 1944. Writer Aleksey Nikolayveich Tolstoy went through the ordeal of death in 1945. Legendary comic actor and one half of Laurel & Hardy – Arthur Stanley Jefferson or Stan Laurel, had his final mess in 1965. Having mentioned Indian actress Mumtaz Jehan Dehlavi, who managed to make Madhubala out of that on the 14th February, here she is again given she had her ultimate death scene in 1969. Painter of matchstick men and industrial scenes, Laurence Steven (L.S.) Lowry had his still life moment in 1976. David Melvin English who used his stage name, Melvin Franklin in Motown group The Temptations was heavenly from 1995. Also not making it through that year was vet James Alfred ‘Alf’ Wright who’s better known as James Herriot who stopped putting his arm up cows bottoms. Finally teetotal, vegetarian (sounds like me between meals), ballkicker Stanley Matthews stopped dribbling in 2000.

Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 22nd February

George Washington, first incumbent in the office of President of the United States of America kicks things off today as he was victorious in birth back in 1732. German doctor who was first to describe dyslexia and has various medical terms named after him, Adolph Kussmaul was bron in 1822. Robert Stephenson Smythe Baden-Powell founder of the Scout Movement and chief woggle wearer within The Boy Scout Association was more than prepared for birth in 1857. By some coincidence his wife Olaf Baden-Powell (née St Claire Soames) was also born this day in 1889, though records don’t mention if there’s a special badge for their shared birthday. English luvvie, Lewis Ernest Watts Mills, who became known as John Mills, had Hobson’s choice over his birthdate from 1908. Announcer from various American game shows, Dominick George ‘Don’ Pardo started warming his voice up in 1918. Actor from the bawdy Carry On film franchise, Kenneth Charles Williams was unable to stop messing about from 1926. Toe tapping toupee wearing entertainer, Bruce Joseph Forsyth-Johnson played his cards right by celebrating his birthday since 1928. Younger bro to previous President of the United States of America, JFK – Edward Moore ‘Ted’ Kennedy made the democratic decision to be born this day in 1932. Presenter of not only trophies at Wimbledon Tennis Championships but also FA Cups at Wembley, minor royal – Katherine, Duchess of Kent (née Worsley), presented herself in 1933. Showgirl implicated in the Profumo Affair, Christine Margaret Keeler made it her business to get on the scene in 1942. President of Germany, Horst Köhler was unable to take refuge in his mum’s stomach from 1943. Dad to the famous for nothing Kardashian kids, Robert George Kardashian didn’t raise an objection to being born in 1944. Three time F1 champ, airline owner and burns survivalist Andreas Nikolaus Lauda was in pole position in 1949. Versatile actress Julia Mary ‘Julie’ Walters found she’ll be wearing pink pyjamas from 1950. Known for playing hippie Neil in cult sit-com ‘The Young Ones, Nigel Planer was far out, man, in 1953. Actor known for his work with David Lynch, Kyle Merritt MacLachlan started to breathe in (and out) in 1959. American nurse/serial killer (who may have knocked out 400 people), Charles Edmund Cullen will be eating cake behind bars (as he will until 2403), in celebration of his 57th birthday. Herpetologist who didn’t get on with stingrays, Stephen Robert ‘Steve’ Irwin was hatched in 1962. Fast bowler Devon Eugene Malcolm, had a quick delivery in 1963. Ex-soldier and now much derided singer/songwriter, James Hillier Blount, (or to give his show biz surname – Blunt), had no bravery when born in 1974. Also born that year, controversial large framed loud mouthed radio DJ, Christopher ‘Chris’ Moyles stuttered into life. Actress who’s a rehab expert and has been married three times, not forgetting being a member of the Barrymore family dynasty, Drew Blythe Barrymore found no place to hide in 1975.

As for deaths, Pope Sabinian left the balcony in 606. King David II of Scotland wasn’t eaten by midges from 1371. Lawyer better known for his book Tom Brown’s School Day’s, Thomas Hughes didn’t get round to writing his memoirs before keeling over in 1896. Born Jean François Gravelet but known as funambulist Charles Blondin lost his balance in 1897. Wife of sandal and sheet wearing freedom fighter Mohandas Karamchand (Mahatma) Ghandi, Kasturbai Mohandas ‘Kasturba’ Gandhi (née Makhanji Kapadia), lost the fight with life in 1944. Fellow Indian freedom fighter, Abdul Kalam Muhiyuddin Ahmed Azad was free in 1958. Founding member of The Supremes, Florence Glenda Chapman (née Ballard), thought ‘let me go the right way’ in 1976. Pop artist Andrew Warhola who abbreviated that by dropping the ‘a’ from his surname, found he had more than 15 minutes of fame following his demise in 1987. Charles Martin ‘Chuck’ Taylor, animator and all things associated with Looney Tunes cartoons, had his ‘That’s All Folks!’ moment in 2002. Comedian Hugh Francis ‘Frank’ Carson didn’t have the last laugh in 2012. Finally, non relation to pussy (cat) loving Mrs Mary Elizabeth Jennifer Rachel Abergavenny ‘Betty’ Slocombe, cinematographer Ralph Douglas V Slocombe lost that lucky touch in 2016.

Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 21st February

Eighth President of Mexico, Antonio de Padua María Severino López de Santa Anna y Pérez de Lebrón kicks things off today given his parents were out of breath having said his full name for the first time in 1794. Double amputee and fighter pilot (who could dance better than I can), Douglas Bader scrambled in 1910. Also born that year, television presenter Edward Marsden ‘Eddie’ Waring noted for his rugby league commentary had his first up and under. Despot dictator, (sorry President) of Zimbabwe, Robert Gabriel Mugabe is still trying to ruin, sorry, run his country despite being 93. Actor known for playing Private Walker in classic sit-com Dad’s Army, Stanley James Carroll Beck, had his own coronation in 1927. Born Eunice Kathleen Waymon, but going onto find fame as Nina Simone let it all out in 1933. Norwegian of the day goes to chief sash and medal wearer King Harald V started wearing ermine nappies from 1937. Also born that year, actor Gary Lockwood was unable to stand up and be counted. Multiple record label founder David Laurence Geffen tracked his entrance to the world in 1942. Member of the RSC before moving onto films, Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman was nearly the January man in 1946. Also born that year, actress who was one half of Cagney & Lacey, Ellen Tyne Daly was better late than never. Yet another actor, this one known for playing robot C-3PO in dull film franchise Star Wars, Anthony Daniels went through the motions of birth. Star of un-amusing sit-coms Cheers and Frasier, Allen Kelsey Grammer was down periscope in 1955. Singer of dirge songs, Mary Chapin Carpenter wondered why walk when you can fly through birth in 1958. Co-star of The Blue Lagoon with Brooke Shields, Christopher Atkins Bowmann who abbreviated that to Christopher Atkins, has found it’s my party this day from 1961. Omnipresent journo/presenter Vanessa Feltz popped out for the first time in 1962. Actor William Joseph Baldwin started suffering from the backdraft in 1963. Orange/white space suit wearing twins, (to tell which one was which), Mark Edward Kelly and Scott Joseph Kelly blasted off in 1964. Lead singer with Welsh band Manic Street Preachers, James Dean Bradfield didn’t get to see the roses in the hospital in 1969. Un-amusing smug comedian, Michael Hazen James McIntyre found it was showtime in 1976. Previous star of the Disney Channel, Jennifer Love Hewitt took the shortcut to happiness in 1979. Second ‘Welshie’ of the day goes to ‘Voice of an Angel’ (before she started on the fags and vodka), Charlotte Maria Church had her first little movements in 1986.

As for deaths, we start with King James I of Scotland who stopped swigging whisky in 1437. Next up are two Popes, the first of which, Pope Julius II hung his cape and zucchetto up in 1513, whilst 217 years later in 1730 Pope Benedict XIII didn’t have to say any more Hail Mary’s (or self flagellate himself). Emperor Ninko of Japan saw the Chrysanthemum wilt from 1846. So far as I know, non-relation to Justin, American lawman who helped capture Jesse James, James H. Timberlake found himself mortally captured in 1891. Religious runner who picked up a couple of gongs at the Olympics, Eric Henry Liddell wheezed his last in 1945. Malcolm X, the civil rights campaigner with no surname, (obviously Little didn’t count as such), found his civil liberties curtailed in 1965. Unfortunately, it is not documented as to who was the last person who saw mountaineer Noel Ewart Odell alive in 1987. Reigate (Surrey) born prima ballerina, Margaret Evelyn Hookham/Dame Margot Fonteyn de Arias started spinning in her grave in Panama City back in 1991. Actor of stage, screen and television – John Edward Thaw was anything but thawed in 2002. Finally, serial killer Colin Ireland obviously got bored of looking at the bars in his cell given he rolled over in 2012.

Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 20th February

Our posting today begins with person who coined the term psychiatry – Johann Christian Reil, didn’t need therapy over being born in 1759. Founder of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, Benjamin Waugh managed to be born without hurting himself in 1839. Actor known for being Lucille Ball’s sidekick, Charles Thomas Aldwick Jr., or just Gale Gordon, found he got his big break in 1906. Social queen and fashion designer from the Big Apple, Gloria Kaura Vanderbilt cut her way through in 1924. First African/American actor to lift an Academy Award, Sidney Poitier found the pressure point in 1927. Actress Marjorie Ellen Pivonka Mahoney, who now goes by the name Marg Dusay, saw the guiding light in 1936. Disc jockey who found both Dire Straits and Ian Dury, not forgetting knowing pretty much everything about music, Charles Thomas ‘Charlie’ Gillett spun into action back in 1942. Esteemed film director Mike Leigh was living with the grown ups from 1943. Keeping with the Mike Leigh theme, stage/screen actress who’s worked with him – Brenda (Anne) Blethyn hasn’t had any secrets or lies about being born in 1946. Also born that year, John Warren Geils Jr., (the one with the band named after him), wasn’t a centrefold baby. Social climber Ivana Marie Zelníčková who was once married to belligerent US President D. Trump, fell down in 1949. Useless Prime Minister of Great Britain for three years, James Gordon Brown had higher approval ratings with his family in 1951. Actor who starred in some dull series about Vampire slaying or something, but redeemed himself by also being in Little Britain, Anthony Stewart Head wasn’t quite a silent witness to his birth in 1954. Ex-wife to Sir Trev and actress in her own right, Imogen Stubbs wondered so what now? after her birth in 1961. Lead singer with indie group The Stone Roses, Ian George Brown was so young in 1963. Cynthia Ann ‘Cindy’ Crawford – supermodel and ex-Mrs R. Gere, with the mole above her upper lip, will have to take an even deeper breath in to blow out the 51 candles on her cake. Grunge rocker Kurt Kobain was out utero in 1967. Daughter of Marlon Brando, Tarita Cheyenne Brando was pretty much disowned by him from 1970. Singer with the Backstreet Boys, Brian Thomas Littrell has been larger than life since 1975. Fellow singer, this one with one hit under her belt as part of t.A.T.u – Yulia Olegovna Volkva didn’t have the sparks flying during birth in 1985. Yet another singer, this one from Barbados, Robyn Rihanna Fenty has been unapologetic about being born in 1988.

The deaths paragraph begins with Pope Martin V who started billowing black smoke in 1431. Phillip William, Prince of Orange and eldest son of William the Silent was also pretty quiet from 1618. Astronomer Tobias Mayer must have worked out from the stars his time was up in 1762. Grandfather to Boutros Boutros Ghali, Egyptian Prime Minister Boutros Ghali put his fez down in 1910. American explorer who claimed to have reached the geographical North Pole, Robert Edwin Peary Sr., really felt the cold in 1920. Dead Norwegian of the day, composer David Monrad Johansen managed to conduct his demise in 1974. 1985 saw Clarence Charles ‘Ducky’ Nash, voice actor for Donald Duck and Tom in Tom & Jerry rather ironically lose his voice, and life. Actor from Bewitched (the television show, not second rate short lived girl group), Richard Allen ‘Dick’ York, hasn’t suffered from insomnia from 1992. Ferruccio Elio Arturo Lamborghini founder of overpriced performance car manufacturer bearing his name, found himself even closer to the ground in 1993. Gonzo journalist and writer, Hunter Stockton Thompson didn’t have a fear or loathing of death in 2005. Actress known for being Dame Edna Everidge’s silent bridesmaid Madge Allsop, Patricia Emily Perry slipped away quietly in 2008. Finally, Indian actress star of more than 1,500 films and 6,000 dramas, Sennalkudi Narayana Thevar Lakshmi who took that down to S N Lakshmi has given her agent an easy time since 2012.