Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 1st February

We start today’s posting in 1687 with Johann Adam Birkenstock, (not the trendy sandal maker, if there is such a thing), but composer and violinist who screeched his way through. Norwegian of the day, rifle shooter Hellmer Hermandsen was born in the open season back in 1871. 12th Prime Minister of Canada Louis Stephen St. Laurent or Louis-Étienne St-Laurent, (said in a French accent), altered his parents domestic policy from 1882. Nicknamed ‘The King of Hollywood’, William Clark Gable wasn’t quite gone with the wind in 1901. Legendary ball-kicker Stanley Matthews, started the dribbling run in 1915. Writer of numerous books including The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, Muriel Sarah Spark (née Camberg) tried not to disturb her parents in 1918. Star of long running and un-amusing sit com ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ and the far better ‘Wallace & Gromit’, Peter Sallis had a grand day out in 1921. Ten years later in 1931, vodka loving, drunk dancing and rambling speech merchant, Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin hoved to. Older bro to Phil, Isaac Donald ‘Don’ Everly wasn’t born yesterday given he’s been celebrating it today since 1937. Also born that year, eye patch wearing singer with 1970’s band Dr. Hook, Ray Sawyer didn’t come out belly up. Welsh member of the Monty Python team, Terence Graham Perry ‘Terry’ Jones made it through the labyrinth in 1942. Sidekick to Doctor Who Elisabeth Clara Heath-Sladen found her downtime in 1946. Indian actor holding the world record for most screen credits for a living actor, Brahmanandam Kanneganti stole the scene in 1956. Youngest daughter of Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly, Princess Stéphanie of Monaco was a tear away even in 1965. Also born that year, son of martial artist Bruce Lee – martial artist Brandon Bruce Lee made his first moves. Daughter of Elvis & Priscilla who followed her old man into singing and songwriting, picking four husbands up along the way, (including chimp loving odd ball Michael Jackson), Lisa Marie Presley left the womb in 1968. Second Welshie of the day, rugby player Gavin Henson cleared the touch line in 1982. Singer/songwriter with alternative band MGMT, Andrew VanWyngarden has had time to pretend he’s not 34 this year. Popster Harry Edward Styles found the one direction to go in 1994.

Having not mentioned a Pope for a couple of days, Pope Alexander III obliges today given he stopped breathing in 1691. King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania who went by the name Augustus II the Strong was somewhat weaker from 1733. Gothic horror writer Mary Wollenstencraft Shelley (née Godwin), wasn’t the mortal immortal given she rolled over in 1851. Double sash wearing waxed moustached King Carlos of Portugal and the Algarves, found himself taken out in 1908. Prime Minister of Greece with the upturned moustache, Georgios Kondylis rumbled off in 1936. Songwriter for The Wizard of Oz, Herbert P. Stothart didn’t get to hear the coroner say, ‘I must aver’ in 1949. Silent film actor Buster Keaton found the frozen north in 1966. Dead Norwegian of the day, composer/pianist Geirr Tveitt had his last tinkle in 1981. Known for her role in Poltergeist, actress Heather O’Rourke didn’t have any more happy days after 1988. Silent film actress Carol Dempster wasn’t tied to the railway tracks when she died in 1991. More astronauts, these ones on Space Shuttle Columbia didn’t survive the re-entering of Earth’s atmosphere in 2003: Michael Philip Anderson, David McDowell Brown, Kalpana Chawla, Laurel Blair Salton Clark, Rick Douglas Husband, William Cameron ‘Willie’ McCool, and Ilan Ramon. Ex-Mayor of New York, Edward Irving ‘Ed’ Koch saw his tenure end in 2013. Also not making it that year, singer/songwriter Cecil Womack made sure Linda became a solo artist.


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