Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 7th February

It seems to be a bit of a quieter day on the births and deaths front, yet we start with Renaissance agitator Thomas Moore who thought he’d found utopia in 1478. Anna Ioannovna or Anna of Russia – Empress and Autocrat of All the Russias strictly celebrated her birthday from 1693. Founder of company bearing his name, (that’s still going strong today) John Deere ploughed his way through life from 1804. Celebrated novelist Charles John Huffam Dickens had great expectations in 1812. Olympic medal winning doggy paddler in the 400m and 1500m freestyle and actor who portrayed Tarzan, Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers – Clarence Linden ‘Buster’ Crabbe II swung into life back in 1908. Spanish assassin of Leon Trotsky, Jaime Ramón Mercader del Río was a dropper in 1913. Ex-Mrs Le Mesurier and star of the bawdy Carry On films, Josephine Edwina ‘Hattie’ Jacques carried on regardless from 1922. Cosmonaut Konstantin Petrovich Feoktistov found plenty of space after birth in 1926. Not to be out done, fellow astronaut Alfred Merrill ‘Al’ Worden fell to earth in 1932. Actor Alan Leonard Hunt, but known professionally as Gareth Hunt, was more downstairs than upstairs this day in 1943. Fellow actor Peter William ‘Pete’ Postlethwaite couldn’t claim to be a child of the south given he was born in Lancashire, England back in 1946. Alternative comic born Phil Soltanek but known as Emo Philips had a dreamy dilema in 1956. Two very different people were born in 1962: wearer of large Stetson hats and various cowboy clothes, Troyal Garth Brooks’ mum squeezed him out rather than in. The other is ultra marathon running, multi lingual rambling beret wearing transvestite comedian Edward John ‘Eddie’ Izzard. Survivalist born in Purley Surrey, Raymond Paul ‘Ray’ Mears started his adventures in 1964. Saturday Night Live comedian Christopher Julius ‘Chris’ Rock III found not everyone hates him since 1965. Ex-toy boy husband to Demi Moore, Christopher Ashton Kucher had the guess who moment in 1978.

Deaths today include Robert, Count of Bourbon who munched his last biccie in 1317. Dandy looking King Gustav IV Adolf of Sweden fully abdicated his responsibilities in 1837. Founder of piano maker Steinway & Sons, Heinrich Englehard Steinweg/Steinway wasn’t upright from 1871. Gothic tale writer Joseph Thomas Sheridan Le Fanu didn’t get a good view of the house by the churchyard given he was six feet under from 1873. Next up is Pope Blessed Pius IX, though quite what the difference is is anyone’s guess, maybe he had better incense wafted around at his funeral in 1878. Given I mentioned John Boyd Dunlop a couple of days ago, it seems only right to give a mention to his American competitor Henry Samuel Firestone who was on slicks in 1938. South African Prime Minister and founder of apartheid, Daniel François Malan successfully segregated himself from society in 1959. Star of television Western series, The Rebel – Nicholas Aloysius Adamshock, but known as Nick Adams didn’t suffer a thousand deaths, given he achieved that status in one go back in 1968. Nazi war criminal who carved himself a nice little existence in South America, Josef Mengele sank (nearly without trace) in 1979. Hussein bin Talal or the King of Jordan gave his funeral director a day to sort his funeral out in 1999. Formula 1 racing driver born in Horley Surrey, Jack Fairman had the chequered flag come down in 2002. Finally, inventor of the taser gun, John ‘Jack’ Higson Cover Jr., got his last shock by dying in 2009.


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