Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 11th February

Both paragraphs start with a Pope today, so without any further ado we see Niccolò Sfondrato/Sfondrati or as he went onto become known – Pope Gregory XIV after receiving divine intervention in 1535. Inventor Thomas Alva Edison had the bright idea to be born in 1847. Having mentioned various Prime Ministers/Presidents etc from around the world recently, today it’s the turn of 26th Prime Minister of New Zealand -Keith Holyoake found himself out in front in 1904. Writer/producer we have to thank (!) for Hart to Hart, Sidney Sheldon’s parents best laid plans went out the window in 1917. Younger sister to actress Zsa Zsa Gabor, Eva Gabor had a forced landing in 1919. Future King of Egypt and the Sudan with the Fez and little waxed moustache, His Sultanic Highness Prince Farouk bin Ahmed Fuad bin Ismail bin Ibrahim bin Muhammad Ali bin Ibrahim Agha’s parents got their money’s worth on his birth certificate in 1920. Canadian comedy actor Leslie William Nielsen, who got a mention in November when he died, didn’t have a change of mind over his birthday in 1926. Ex-fugitive Panamanian politician and soldier Manuel Antonio Noriega Moreno dictated his birthday in 1934. Also born that year at the other end of the decency scale, fashion designer who takes some credit for mini skirts and hot pants, Barbara Mary Quant took the A line. Singer Vincent Eugene Craddock who took that down to Gene Vincent, obviously wasn’t born to be a rolling stone in 1935. Other actor with a bushy moustache, Burton Lee ‘Burt’ Reynolds found himself breaking in back in 1936. Robert George Pickett, or as he’s known by his fan Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett was a little monster in 1938. Brother (and son) of two past American Presidents, (and who lost the Republican nomination to D. Trump), John Ellis ‘Jeb’ Bush was more a shrub in 1953. Caravan park owning dragon (in more ways than one), Deborah Meaden was unable to say, ‘I’m out’ in 1959. Ex-squeeze to cheating cyclist Lance Armstrong, singer/songwriter Sheryl Suzanne Crow must have thought all I wanna do is be born in 1962. Ninth governor of Alaska who’s often derided for her various gaffes, Sarah Louise Palin (née Heath), had higher satisfaction rates within her family in 1964. Another ex-Mrs B. Pitt and star of canned laughed sit-com, Friends – Jennifer Joanna Aniston has been picture perfect since 1969. Ginger haired actor Damian Watcyn Lewis was the escapist in 1971. Singer Kelly Rowland didn’t have a dilemma over which day to be born on in 1981.

As mentioned above, this paragraph also starts with a Pope – the unlucky one kicking things off today is Pope Gregory II who didn’t get to chat with Mother Superior after 731. Not wanting to be outdone, Pope Paschal I cashed in his chips back in 824. Sir Charles Algernon Parsons inventor of the steam turbine along with developing optical equipment for searchlights and telescopes didn’t foresee his death in 1931. Mrs Ted Hughes, or Sylvia Plath took her own life in 1963. Actor Leo Jacoby or Lee J. Cobb, got to shake the left hand of god in 1976. Slap headed stern looking two time Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Louis Joseph Maria Beel found he didn’t have to roll his own again after 1977. Director of various Western films, mostly starring Randolph Scott and John Wayne, Henry Hathaway rather ironically headed west himself in 1985. Writer of Dune, Frank Patrick Herbert Jr. was over the hill in 1986. Founder of Weber-Stephen Products Co, George A. Stephen Sr., found himself barbecued in 1993. Actor who portrayed Boss Hogg in The Dukes of Hazzard, Sorrell Booke – found the good times were over in 1994. Known for playing Dutch dectective Van der Valk, actor John Barry Foster had the last word in 2002. One third of The Ronettes who knocked about with the likes of Mick Jagger, George Harrison, Johnnie Mathis as well as George Hamilton, Estelle Bennett entered paradise in 2009. Fashion designer with his own label, Alexander McQueen hung up his hat in 2010. Singer (of mainly awful hits), and first cousin of Dionne Warwick – Whitney Houston was waiting to exhale in the bath back in 2012.


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