Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 15th February

We start today’s posting with astronomer/physicist/general know all – Galileo Galilei had his ‘Big Bang’ moment in 1564. Dandy looking future King of France, Louis XV was Louis the Beloved with his folks from 1710. Having mentioned Toulouse-Lautrec looky likey and piano maker Heinrich Englehard Steinweg/Henry Englehard Steinway a few days ago, here he is again again given he stepped on the pedal in 1797. Inventor and founder of McCormack Harvesting Machine Company, Cyrus Hall McCormack had to wait 75 years from 1809 to meet the real reaper. Founder of posh jewellers based in New York, Charles Lewis Tiffany was more than a sparkle in his parents eyes from 1812. Three time Antarctic explorer, (he obviously didn’t know where he got to the previous two times), Ernest Henry Shackleton was on thin ice in 1874. Stage, and once she’d mastered that, film actress Edith Holm ‘Gale’ Sondergaard had her first visions in 1899. Known for his portrayal as the Joker in the Batman television series, Cesar Julio Romero Jr., was hot off the griddle in 1907. Actor Kevin McCarthy had just cause to celebrate his birthday from 1914. Dr Sidney Friedman from M*A*S*H played by actor Allan Franklin Arbus wasn’t in any dark places from 1918. Suave looking driver of going round and round a race track a couple of hundred times, thereby becoming F1 champ and being dad to F1 champ Damon, Graham Hill was off the starting grid in 1929. American game show host Geoffrey Bruce Owen ‘Geoff’ Edwards got everyone talking in 1931. Norwegian of the day, double gold Olympic medal holding cross country skier, Ole Ellefsæter found himself sliding down for the first time in 1939. Actor Russell Craig ‘Rusty’ Hamer could make room for daddy in 1947. Born Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina Frankenberg, but went with Jane Seymour as her stage name, had the keys to her freedom in 1951. Creator of long running, some time mildly amusing (but sold out and moralising) cartoon The Simpsons, Matthew Abram ‘Matt’ Groening hasn’t had a life in hell from 1954. Actor Christopher McDonald has never had the benefit of doubt over being born in 1955. Founding member and ex-lead singer of reggae band named after the British unemployment form UB40, Alistair Ian ‘Ali’ Campbell had his, ‘so here I am’ moment in 1959. Actress from dull sounding show – Xena: Warrior Princess, Renee O’Connor didn’t have a false identity when born in 1971. Drummer with Las Vegas band The Killers, Ronald ‘Ronnie’ Vannucci Jr. was battle born in 1976.

Deaths look to be a bit thinner on the ground, but we do start with Pope Lucius II who went onto higher things in 1145. Czech sculptor Matthias Braun chipped away at life and got to the end in 1738. Well known British Prime Minister (in his day), Henry Addington, 1st Viscount Sidmouth found 1844 marked the end of his tenure. Indian Poet Mirza Asadullah Beg Khan, or just Ghalib found there was no ambiguity in death from 1869. Another British Prime Minister, this one who led the country into World War One – Herbert Henry Asquith, 1st Earl of Oxford and Asquith surrendered in 1928. Cartoonist, rapist and racist mentioned on the 2nd February in the above paragraph, Patrick Peter ‘Pat’ Sullivan went down the motion stop route in 1933. Crooner and jazz pianist with the singing daughter, Nathaniel Adams ‘Nat King’ Cole found dying just one of those things in 1965. Camilo Torres Restrepo who spread the love as a Catholic priest whilst taking it back as a guerrilla, took hiding to a whole new level in 1966. Star of loads of dull Western films, Charles John ‘Tim’ Holt III didn’t get to hear thundering hooves again after 1973. Actress/singer Ethel Agnes Zimmermann, or just Ethel Merman found herself coming up as roses after 1984. Finally, founder of natural cosmetics company Aveda Corporation, Horst M. Rechelbacher must have hoped his products would do him proud whilst lying in state back in 2014.


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