Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 16th February

Today’s births paragraph doesn’t start with a Pope, nor an Archbishop of Canterbury – but Archbishop of York, John Sharp deigned us with his presence from 1645. Explorer with the extreme mutton chops and moustache, Heinrich Barth set out on life’s adventures in 1821. Silent film actress, whilst talking on stage – Kathleen Clifford got the last kick in her mum’s stomach before being born in 1887. Ventriloquist Edgar John Bergen began to throw his little voice from 1903. One half of the McDonald brothers who went onto find every council’s bain, the fast food restaurant bearing his name – Richard McDonald entered Cholesterol Corner in 1909. One third of close harmony singing group with her sisters, Patricia Marie ‘Patty’ Andrews certainly didn’t hold tight, hold tight in 1918. Sister to famous diary writer and fellow loft dweller, Anne – Margot Betti Frank was in the shadow of her younger sis from 1926. Actress and champion cigarette smoker with the distinctive voice, June Muriel Brown had plenty of soap but no opera when born in 1927. Incompetent skier, ex-singer and Mayor of Palm Springs, Salvatore Philip ‘Sonny’ Bono’s mum said, ‘I got you babe’ in 1935. Odd looking despot dictator with the title General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, and dad to odd looking despot dictator Kim Jung-un, Kim Jong-il was an ugly baby back in either 1941 or 1942, depending on who you believe. Tennis coach and dad to both Serena and Venus, Richard Williams hot footed it in 1942. Best known for playing Private Pike in classic BBC sit-com Dad’s Army, (as opposed to the dire film), Arthur Ian Lavender wasn’t a stupid boy in 1946. Rapper Tracy Lauren Marrow, who adopted a slightly hipper name Ice-T joined the ‘hood in 1958. Shouty, permed haired tennis player who’s graduated into a respected commentator John Patrick McEnroe Jr., was serious about being born in 1959. Act tor Christopher Ecclestone joined the others in 1964. Australian athlete Catherine Astrid Salome ‘Cathy’ Freeman was out of the blocks in 1973. Actor known for his roles in both The Hunger Games and House of Cards, Mahershalalhshbaz ‘Mahershala’ Ali’s parents spent most of the day in 1974 filling out his birth certificate. Cricketer with the beard, Wasim Jaffer was an opener in 1978. Laura Michelle Hollins, who’s better known as model Agyness Deyn didn’t buffer the backdrop in 1983. Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg entered the House of Nassau-Weilberg in 1991.

Death wise, King Afonso III of Portugal found his days of swigging port and lemon over in 1279. 1844 saw soap and alkali manufacturer Joseph Crosfield go very dry indeed. Waxed moustached President of France, Félix François Faure was apoplectic at dying in 1899. Not many Russian people get make it to the list, but actress Vera Vasilyevna Kholodnaya saw the lights dim in 1919. Also taking his last view of things is near Bollywood filmster, Dhundiraj Govind Phalke/Dadsaheb Phalke was reeling over his death in 1944. Dead Norwegian of the day, golf club designer Karsten Solheim had his final swing in 2000. Director/producer Howard Koch became a ghost himself in 2001. Animator of Raymond Briggs films, ‘When the Wind Blows’ and ‘The Snowman’, Teruaki ‘Jimmy’ Murakami didn’t pencil in his death back in 2014. Finally, United Nations General Secretary with the alternative name, Boutros Boutros Ghali passed his last motion in 2016.


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