Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 17th February

We see Norwegian of the day, rifle shooter Tom Seeberg kick proceedings off today given he got his aim straight in 1860. Having mentioned Australian poet responsible for Waltzing Matilda a mere 12 days ago when he died, here’s Andrew Barton ‘Banjo’ Paterson again given he had happy dispatches in 1864. Chairman/CEO of International Business Machines (IBM), Thomas John Watson computed his birthdate in 1874. Actress Kathleen Freeman made it three on a couch in her family from 1919. Dishevelled politician (and it’s not Michael Foot), but blue flag wearer and ex-minister Nicholas Ridley puffed his way through in 1929. Also born that year, star of sit-com ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ Katherine Patricia Routledge had no place to hide. Author of various thrillers/psychological murder mysteries, Ruth Rendell got the plot in 1930. Known for dressing up as a woman (from Moonee Ponds) and uncouth cultural attaché Sir Les Patterson, John Barry Humphries has remembered he’s been out since 1934. My dad was also born this day in 1937, so a very ‘Happy 80th’ to him! Singer/songwriter Gene Francis Alan Pitney found that’s all it took in birth back in 1941. Another person born that year – star of stage and television Julia Kathleen McKenzie wasn’t so much stepping as slipping out. Fellow actress Brenda Fricker was no longer locked in from 1945. One half of seemingly defunct comedy duo Hale & Pace, Norman Pace started making some people laugh in 1953. Actress Rene Marie Russo found it was showtime in 1954. Basketball player Michael Jeffrey Jordan didn’t bump the cutter in 1963. Film director/producer Michael Benjamin Bay eyed up the right day for his arrival in 1965. Actress born Melody Lynn Knight, who’s known on screen as Tuesday Knight, should have called herself Monday Daylight given that’s when she was born in 1969. Drummer with ex-drummer’s group Foo Fighters, Oliver Taylor Hawkins had the colour and the shape in 1972. Canadian ice hockey player, Todd Douglas Ross Harvey found himself released from the sin bin in 1975. Heir to the hotel chain (among other things), Paris Hilton (born in New York City), got the right room, the delivery one, in 1981. Second Norwegian of the day goes to ski jumper Anders Jacobsen who had a slap back when delivered in 1985. Kidnapping victim Natasha Marie Kampusch, left her first hiding place in 1988. Olympic medal winning doggy paddler Rebecca Adlington launched off in 1989. Tattooed ginger singer with the guitar, Edward Christopher ‘Ed’ Sheeran started to let it out from 1991.

Death wise, it looks to be another quiet day, but we do start with Roman Emperor Flavius Jovianus (or just Jovian), didn’t get to go to any further toga parties from 364. Inventor of the Armenian alphabet (amongst other things), with the rather odd surname – Mesrop Mashtots was unable to count on divine intervention in 440. Giordano Bruno an Italian philosopher/astrologer liked his stake well done in 1600. 1890 saw birthday boy (from three days ago), Christopher Latham Sholes hit his last key. Prominent leader of the Bedonkohe band of the Chiricahua Apache tribe, Geronimo became a familiar term from 1909. Seventh Prime Minister of Canada, Sir Henri Charles Wilfred Laurier started appearing on the back of bank notes after 1919. King of the Belgians, Albert I of Belgium was unable to munch on moules/frites from 1934. Silent film actress who survived the sinking of The Titantic, Dorothy Gibson found herself become the guardian angel in 1946. Another silent film actress, Anita Naldi saw her last door in 1961. Having mentioned toe tapping mate of Fred & Ginge only a week ago in celebration of his birthday, here’s Erik Rhodes again as he certainly wasn’t on his toes from 1990. Actor Daniel Peter ‘Dan’ O’Herlihy was the dead in 2005. Game show presenter of Mr & Mrs, Derek Batey didn’t get to hear any more bickering couples from 2013. Finally, also dying that year, actor with the false teeth, Richard Briers found he died in all good faith.


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