Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 18th February

Today’s births paragraph starts with old English royal of the week – given Mary I of England (and Ireland), earned the sobriquet ‘Bloody Mary’ in 1516. Inventor of the electrical battery as well as discovering methane, Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta was a fully charged baby in 1745. Physicist/philosopher Ernst Waldfried Josef Wenzel Mach didn’t send shock waves when born in 1838. First of the Tiffany’s to get a mention today goes to gaudy lampshade maker, Louis Comfort Tiffany who saw the light in 1848. Norwegian of the day, author Alexander Lange Kielland began his backstory in 1849. Inventor of rustless steel (or stainless steel to you and me), Harry Brearley led a blameless life from 1871. Founder of overpriced red (or yellow) low slung performance cars bearing his name, Enzo Anselmo Ferrari experienced the downforce in 1898. Medical theorist with the medical condition named after him, Hans Asperger wasn’t on the spectrum after his birth in 1906. Actor Allan John Melvin was all in the family back in 1913. Screenwriter responsible for The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Samuel Harris ‘Sam’ Rolfe had to make do with his mum & dad in 1924. Another actor, George Harris Kennedy Jr., wasn’t a mirage for his parents in 1925. Indian actress Nalini Jaywant was Miss Bombay in 1926. Spy writing novelist, Leonard Cyril Deighton, who cut that down to Len Deighton had his close up in 1929.
Odd tweeting widow to John Lennon who also tried her hand at recording a few songs, Yoko Ono didn’t give her parents much peace from 1933. Also born that year, footballer/football manager, Robert William ‘Bobby’ Robson tackled birth the right way. Fashion designer Francisco ‘Paco’ Rabaneda Cuervo (or just Paco Rabanne), was a sweet smelling baby in 1934. One third of 1970’s comedy group The Goodies, David Graeme Garden saw the doctor in charge when born in 1943. Newsreader known for his coverage of one of the Ethiopian famines, Michael Duncan Buerk reported for duty in 1946. Mrs Jeremy Irons, actress Sinéad Moira Cusack was uncovered in 1948. Known for her roles in Moonlighting, actress Cyril Shepherd wondered which way home when she left hospital in 1950. R&B singer Veronica ‘Randy’ Crawford was naked and true in 1952. Dimple chinned disco dancing pilot who follows Scientology, John Joseph Travolta was greased up in 1954. Italian born actress who dislikes her neighbour’s, Greta Gracco (or Scacchi as she’s now known), was dead on time when delivered in 1960. Actor/film director Matthew Raymond ‘Matt’ Dillon became one of the outsiders in 1964. Rapper and canned headphone solderer Dr. Dre (or Dr. Dire as the auto correct states), Andre Romelle Young entered the next episode in 1965. Member of the ‘Brat Pack’, Molly Kathleen Ringwald looked pretty in pink back in 1968.

Deaths start with poor old (though he was neither), Pope Gregory V wouldn’t have got far if he’d dialled 999, given it wasn’t in existence that year. Not the civil rights campaigner, but German religious reformer Martin Luther didn’t get to wear his sandals after 1546. Painter by numbers who got the Sistine Chapel gig, Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni had his last judgement in 1564. Dad to Louis Tiffany (above), who was mentioned the other day, Charles Lewis Tiffany lost his sparkle in 1902. Inventor of the cowboy hat named after him, John Batterson Stetson got the battered look himself in 1906. World heavyweight boxing champion James John ‘Gentleman Jim’ Corbett hit the ropes in 1933. Inventor of the snow mobile, Joseph-Armand Bombardier fell off the tracks in 1964. Theoretical physicist and developer of the atomic bomb, Julius Robert Oppenheimer found his quote from Bhagavad Gita come true, ‘Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds’ in 1967. Top ranking gangster and crime boss in America, Francesco Castiglia or Frank ‘the Prime Minister’ Costello found his heart gave way in 1973. Dead Norwegian of the day, speed skater/cyclist Roald Aas came to a skidding halt in 2012. Singer with The Temptations, Otis Robert Harris Jr., or Damon Harris took his last look around in 2013. Finally, second eldest daughter of Georg von Trapp – Maria Franziska Gobertina von Trapp didn’t feel like singing ‘Do-Re-Me’ this day in 2014.


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