Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 22nd February

George Washington, first incumbent in the office of President of the United States of America kicks things off today as he was victorious in birth back in 1732. German doctor who was first to describe dyslexia and has various medical terms named after him, Adolph Kussmaul was bron in 1822. Robert Stephenson Smythe Baden-Powell founder of the Scout Movement and chief woggle wearer within The Boy Scout Association was more than prepared for birth in 1857. By some coincidence his wife Olaf Baden-Powell (née St Claire Soames) was also born this day in 1889, though records don’t mention if there’s a special badge for their shared birthday. English luvvie, Lewis Ernest Watts Mills, who became known as John Mills, had Hobson’s choice over his birthdate from 1908. Announcer from various American game shows, Dominick George ‘Don’ Pardo started warming his voice up in 1918. Actor from the bawdy Carry On film franchise, Kenneth Charles Williams was unable to stop messing about from 1926. Toe tapping toupee wearing entertainer, Bruce Joseph Forsyth-Johnson played his cards right by celebrating his birthday since 1928. Younger bro to previous President of the United States of America, JFK – Edward Moore ‘Ted’ Kennedy made the democratic decision to be born this day in 1932. Presenter of not only trophies at Wimbledon Tennis Championships but also FA Cups at Wembley, minor royal – Katherine, Duchess of Kent (née Worsley), presented herself in 1933. Showgirl implicated in the Profumo Affair, Christine Margaret Keeler made it her business to get on the scene in 1942. President of Germany, Horst Köhler was unable to take refuge in his mum’s stomach from 1943. Dad to the famous for nothing Kardashian kids, Robert George Kardashian didn’t raise an objection to being born in 1944. Three time F1 champ, airline owner and burns survivalist Andreas Nikolaus Lauda was in pole position in 1949. Versatile actress Julia Mary ‘Julie’ Walters found she’ll be wearing pink pyjamas from 1950. Known for playing hippie Neil in cult sit-com ‘The Young Ones, Nigel Planer was far out, man, in 1953. Actor known for his work with David Lynch, Kyle Merritt MacLachlan started to breathe in (and out) in 1959. American nurse/serial killer (who may have knocked out 400 people), Charles Edmund Cullen will be eating cake behind bars (as he will until 2403), in celebration of his 57th birthday. Herpetologist who didn’t get on with stingrays, Stephen Robert ‘Steve’ Irwin was hatched in 1962. Fast bowler Devon Eugene Malcolm, had a quick delivery in 1963. Ex-soldier and now much derided singer/songwriter, James Hillier Blount, (or to give his show biz surname – Blunt), had no bravery when born in 1974. Also born that year, controversial large framed loud mouthed radio DJ, Christopher ‘Chris’ Moyles stuttered into life. Actress who’s a rehab expert and has been married three times, not forgetting being a member of the Barrymore family dynasty, Drew Blythe Barrymore found no place to hide in 1975.

As for deaths, Pope Sabinian left the balcony in 606. King David II of Scotland wasn’t eaten by midges from 1371. Lawyer better known for his book Tom Brown’s School Day’s, Thomas Hughes didn’t get round to writing his memoirs before keeling over in 1896. Born Jean François Gravelet but known as funambulist Charles Blondin lost his balance in 1897. Wife of sandal and sheet wearing freedom fighter Mohandas Karamchand (Mahatma) Ghandi, Kasturbai Mohandas ‘Kasturba’ Gandhi (née Makhanji Kapadia), lost the fight with life in 1944. Fellow Indian freedom fighter, Abdul Kalam Muhiyuddin Ahmed Azad was free in 1958. Founding member of The Supremes, Florence Glenda Chapman (née Ballard), thought ‘let me go the right way’ in 1976. Pop artist Andrew Warhola who abbreviated that by dropping the ‘a’ from his surname, found he had more than 15 minutes of fame following his demise in 1987. Charles Martin ‘Chuck’ Taylor, animator and all things associated with Looney Tunes cartoons, had his ‘That’s All Folks!’ moment in 2002. Comedian Hugh Francis ‘Frank’ Carson didn’t have the last laugh in 2012. Finally, non relation to pussy (cat) loving Mrs Mary Elizabeth Jennifer Rachel Abergavenny ‘Betty’ Slocombe, cinematographer Ralph Douglas V Slocombe lost that lucky touch in 2016.


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