Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths – 24th February

Today’s posting is another light(ish) one and we start with, Ippolito Aldobrandini or Pope Clement VIII who started to rise through the ranks from 1536. Younger brother of German folklore tale writing duo the Brothers Grimm, Wilhelm Carl Grimm found birth anything but in 1786. Admiral who commanded the American fleet in the Pacific Ocean, Chester William Nimitz gave his mum navel nightmares once born in 1885. Rollo Smolt Thorpe or just Richard Thorpe, original director of The Wizard of Oz (for all of two weeks), didn’t quite have a date with Judy in 1896. Actor Solomon Krakovsky who renamed himself Steven Hill, didn’t find birth a mission impossible in 1922. Fellow actor Dominic Chianese got to meet his godfather in 1931. Italian Prime Minister (minus the sleaze scandals, bunga bunga parties and alleged links to the Mafia), not Silvio Berlusconi but Benedetto ‘Bettino’ Craxi led a blameless life from 1934. Co-founder of plodders and wheezers favourite apparel with the swoosh as its trademark, Philip Hampson ‘Phil’ Knight was out of the starting blocks in 1938. Bollywood actor Jai Om Yadav ‘Joy’ Mukherjee made his debut in 1939. Singer with imploded 1960’s group Manfred Mann, Paul Jones/Pond found his parents cock-a-hoop at his arrival in 1942. Actor who likes to sing the theme tune to the show he’s in, Dennis Waterman didn’t need a minder when he left hospital in 1948. Singer/guitarist George Thorogood moved on over in 1950. One of the few Belgians to get a mention here, Roger Allen François Jouret who’s probably better known as one hit wonder Plastic Bertrand didn’t have a stand in for his birth in 1954. Tech king, (no, not Bill Gates), but Steven Paul ‘Steve’ Jobs was ‘appily born in 1955. Also born that year, French champ of driving round and round a track countless times, Alain Prost’s parents toasted his arrival. Alternative folk singer Karen Michelle Johnson or Michelle Shocked had a short sharp shocked look on her face when born in 1962. Comedian with musical instruments as part of his act, Mark Robert ‘Bill’ Bailey had a certain bewilderness once delivered in 1964. One half of comedy duo Armstrong & Miller, Bennet Evan ‘Ben’ Miller didn’t have the worst week of his life in 1966. Pugilist Floyd Joy Sinclair (better known as Floyd Mayweather Jr.,) hit the ropes in 1977. White short and shirt wearing tennis player Lleyton Hewitt had the advantage in 1981.

Death wise, we have a day off from dead Popes – so we start with Joseph I King of Portugal and the Algarves, who found his days sprawled out on the sun lounger over in 1777. Inventor credited with developing the first commercially successful steamboat Robert Fulton rather ironically ran out of steam in 1815. First President of Liberia Joseph Jenkins Roberts didn’t get to see the main airport named after him given he rolled over in 1876. Prime Minister of Sweden (with the moustache), Karl Hjalmar Branting took the peace prize to the next level in 1925. Son of publisher B.C. Forbes, Malcolm Stevenson Forbes was pulped in 1970. Sportscaster Danny Gallivan signed off in 1993. Also not making it through that year, World Cup ball kicking captain of West Ham United, Robert Frederick Chelsea (I bet he kept that quiet) ‘Bobby’ Moore found himself more than offside. Actor born Emanuel Hirsch Cohen who adopted John Randolph as his stage name was a bit numb in 2004. Finally, Francis ‘Franny’ Beecher, guitarist with Bill Haley & his Comets stopped goofin’ around in 2014.


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