Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 25th February

Births today include, among many others, architect of the Royal Crescent (along with other places in Bath), John Wood, the Younger had a mere wash from his mum in 1728. French painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir made the right impression with his folks from 1841. Mum to Phil the Greek and mum in law to Queen Liz, Princess of Battenberg (as in cakes/police car designs), who went onto become Princess Andrew of Greece and Denmark moved around a bit after her birth in 1885. Indian spiritual master Merwan Sheriar Irani or Meher Baba, didn’t undertake the vow of silence in 1894. Youngest of the Marx Brothers (as in comedy actors not communist sympathisers), Herbert Manfred ‘Zeppo’ Marx engineered his arrival in 1901. Actor who played Mr. Magoo, James Gilmore ‘Jim’ Backus was unable to hear the doctor say, ‘Hello down there’ in 1913. Author who came up with A Clockwork Orange, John Anthony Burgess Wilson or just Anthony Burgess, was very good on going to bed from 1917. Korean brain washer and marrier of total strangers, Mun Yong-myeong or Sun Myung Moon wasn’t quite so unified with his mum from 1920. Wimple and habit wearing nun who likes to look at nudes (among other things), Sister Wendy Beckett started her grand tour in 1930. Slap head star of numerous Carry On films, Bernard Bresslaw found a hole in 1934. Film producer David Terence Puttnam was a local hero in Southgate, London back in 1941. One fourth of 1960’s super group The Beatles before going onto embrace Transcendental Meditation twisted and shouted in 1943. Singer Elaine Bookbinder or Elkie Brooks didn’t want to cry out loud in 1945. Lee Evans (not the sweaty comedian who runs around the stage), but double Olympic medal winning athlete had a late spurt in 1947. Former Presidenti of Argentina and late husband to Cristina, Néstor Kirchner didn’t start his own dirty war in 1950. By some strange quirk of fate, we also see Lee Evans the sweaty comedian who runs around the stage (and not the double Olympic medal winning athlete), was also born this day in 1964. Elizabeth Téa Pantaleoni who goes by the name of Téa Leoni was flying blind in 1966. Rogue derivatives trader who bought Barings Bank down, Nicholas William ‘Nick’ Leeson didn’t bankrupt his parents after his birth in 1967. Son of ageing singing lothario who imaginatively (or vainly) was named after his dad, Julio José Iglesias Jr., came along to carry on the family tradition in 1973.

Death wise, Eleanor of Austria who was actually Queen of Portugal and France (not too sure how that works), but anyway, she was very down to earth in 1558. Architect of St Paul’s Cathedral, Sir Christopher Wren probably didn’t design his demise in 1723. Founder of news agency bearing his adopted name, born Israel Beer Josaphat or Paul Julius von Reuter became yesterday’s news in 1899. French serial killer Henri Désiré Landru lost his head (literally) in 1922. Adelard Cunin who went by the gangland name George ‘Bugs’ Moran found himself out of the gang in 1957. Playwright Thomas Lanier ‘Tennessee’ Williams III had his final chapter in 1983. Heavyweight boxing world champ, Arnold Raymond Cream or Jersey Joe Walcott found himself knocked out in 1994. Cricketer Sir Donald George ‘Don’ Bradman had his own ashes in 2001. Inventor of the Walkie Talkie, Donald Lewis Hings had his over and out moment in 2004. Founder of Amnesty International Peter James Henry Solomon or Peter Benenson found his human rights withdrawn in 2005. Finally, actor Darren McGavin was touched by an angel in 2008.


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