Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 26th February

Famous people born today, include, among others, writer of Les Misérables and The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Victor Marie Hugo had his parents ringing the bells with joy in 1802. Born Löb Strauß, but known as double denim king Levi Strauss obviously had good genes when born in 1829. Showman William Frederick ‘Wild Bill’ Cody didn’t make a song or dance about his birth in 1846. We have the vegetarian with the bushy goatee beard to thank for co-creating Cornflakes bearing his name, John Harvey Kellogg had all the milk at his disposal from 1852. Cartoon animator Frederick Bean ‘Tex’ Avery hopefully didn’t have a chilly willy once delivered in 1908. Born Phyllis Nan Sortain Peachey but better known as domineering television chef Fanny Craddock, was reduced to being born in 1909. Actress Elizabeth June Thornburg aka Betty Hutton was happy go lucky in 1921. Singer Antoine ‘Fats’ Domino Jr., found his thrill in 1928. Also born that year, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Scheinermann/Sharon started to command attention. Known for dressing in black, singer ‘J.R.’ Cash wasn’t a boy named Sue in 1932. Dad to Jemima (ex-Mrs Imran Khan) and ex-MP Zacharias (with another 6 children dotted about the place) – asset stripper, sorry, ‘business reorganiser’ and founder of the Referendum Party, James Michael ‘Jimmy’ Goldsmith had to do all the work in 1933. Norwegian of the day makes a reappearance here with Birgit Annalisa Rusanen or Marta Kristen wasn’t lost in all the space she gained after birth in 1945. First British winner of dullfest that is the Eurovision Song Contest, Sandra Ann Goodrich/Sandy Shaw, found there is always something to remind her of her birthday, (probably the cake and pop) from 1947. One time mullet wearer and shouter to music, now plugging Starburst sweets, Michael Bolotin who changed his name to Michael Bolton had a once in a lifetime experience in 1952. Ex-Prime Minister of Haiti, Garry Conille resigned himself to being born in 1966. Singer Corinne Jacqueline Bailey but goes by the name, Corinne Bailey Rae started to give her parents trouble sleeping from 1979.

Death wise, Grand Prince of Serbia – Stefan Nemanja didn’t get to partake in his feast day from 1199. Ginger haired King Eric XIV of Sweden dropped his roll mopped herrings in 1577. Machine gun designer Richard Jordan Gatling has had eye relief since 1903. Wearer of odd hats, Sultan/King of Morocco Mohammed V gave up haggling on life in 1961. Singer with The Platters, Cornelius E. ‘Cornell’ Gunter was unable to keep his promise ‘Keep Me Alive’ given he was dead in 1990. Acerbic cult comic William Melvin ‘Bill’ Hicks didn’t get any laughs when he died in 1994. Long time, (of 43 years) employee of Disney, James Algar found himself erased in 1998. Known for playing Miss Brahms in classic sit-com Are You Being Served? and Pauline Fowler in not so classic soap opera Eastenders, Wendy Emerton/Richard found she didn’t have to turn the light off in 2009. Finally, singer with the Chi-Lites, Frank Kevin ‘Tchallah’ Reed found he stopped what he was doing in 2014.


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