Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 27th February

Today’s posting begins with leading Shakespearean quoter Alice Ellen Terry, who thought there was much ado about nothing over her birth in 1847. Another actor, this one best known for his role in American sit-com My Three Sons, Carl William Demarest must have wondered what happened to father? during his birth in 1892. Co- discoverer of insulin Charles Herbert Best, gave his parents a shot of new life in 1899. Great pal of chimp owning, ‘friend’ of little boys, solo spangly glove wearing, black turned white singer Michael Jackson, actress Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor found there’s one born every minute in 1932. Ex-marine/Special Boat Service officer and Liberal Democrat MP, Jeremy John Durham Ashdown known as Paddy Pantsdown by the red tops and Paddy Ashdown to the voters, arrived not so secretly in 1941. Canadian actor Michel Forget has been able to remember his birthday every year from 1942. Singer/songwriter Stephen Malcolm Nice who had a band with the name of his alter ego Steve Harley, found himself tumbling down in 1951. Act tor Timothy Leonard Spall said, ‘Auf Wiedershen’ to his mum’s stomach in 1957. Girlfriend to punk rocker Side Vicious, Nancy Laura Spungen looked pretty vacant when born in 1958. English version of David Blaine, (born in Purley, Surrey), Derren Brown convinced his mum to give birth in 1971. Designer of pretty much all of Apple Computers best selling items, Jonathan Paul ‘Jony’ Ive started to sketch out his life from 1967. Singer, ex-plugger of frozen food, and, to some, (though not Katie Price or myself), a hunk – Peter James Andrea/Andre entered a whole new world in 1973. Ex-‘awkward’ looking daughter of impeached President of the United States of America, Chelsea Clinton made a democratic decision to enter the world in 1980.

As for deaths, first President of Harvard College – Harvey Dunster got a masters degree in taking things easy from 1659. Bag and trunk maker Louis Vuitton Malletier packed up for good in 1892. Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov lied down in 1936. Henry Louis Smith, the first person who made an X-Ray image didn’t get to see any more bones after 1951. Co-creator of Marvel Comics character Daredevil, William Blake ‘Bill’ Everett didn’t take on any super powers given he died in 1973. Known for his role Abner Kravitz in Bewitched, George Tobias found no one lives forever in 1980. Actor James Thomas Patrick ‘J.T’ Walsh had a silent fall in 1998. One third/fourth of The Goons, Terence Alan ‘Spike’ Milligan came up with two of the best epitaphs – ‘Under this sod lies another’ and the one he used on his grave, ‘I told you I was ill’ in 2002. Singer with The Temptations, Richard Allen Street didn’t manage to take another look around in 2013. Finally, actor known for his ears and unique V sign, Leonard Simon Nimoy was beamed up in 2015.


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