Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 28th February

Ancient royal of the week kicks today’s posting off as we see Margaret of Scotland, (born in Windsor Castle in 1261) before going onto become Queen of Norway. Having mentioned funambulist Jean François Gravelet/Charles Blondin a few days ago when he fell off the rope, here he is again given he had his first lunge in 1824. Dad to Liza and husband to Judy Garland, film director Vincente Minnelli jumped on the band wagon in 1903. Proper gangster Benjamin ‘Bugsy’ Siegel started terrorising his parents lives from 1906. Best known for his role in 1960’s/70’s sit-com Steptoe & Son, Harry H. Corbett carried on screaming after his birth in 1925. Mario Gabriele Andretti winner of various motor sport titles, (F1, IndyCar and NASCAR to name but three), lurched forward in 1940. Founding member and lead singer with Rolling Stones, Lewis Brian Hopkin Jones had the aftermath of birth in 1942. Unlikely sex thimble partial to wearing a duffel coat and looking like a gnome, Robert Finlayson ‘Robin’ Cook didn’t need a vote to be born in 1946. Soap opera actress Stephanie Beacham let the games begin in 1947. Another television celebrity chef who’ll be blowing out the candles on the birthday cake they’ve made, Ainsley Harriet will attempt to blow 60 of them out. Also born in 1957, singer/songwriter with the B52’s Cindy Wilson started roaming. Diminutive featherweight boxer, Finbar Patrick ‘Barry’ McGuigan was down and out in 1961. Norwegian of the day, middle distance runner Tor Øivind Ødegård broke the tape in 1969.

As for deaths, I’m pretty certain Pope Hilarius didn’t find it such when he died in 468 (or thereabouts). Explorer Juan de la Cosa lost his bearings in 1510. King Christian IV of Denmark and Norway, got to put his ermine and ruff down for good in 1648. Continuing the royal theme, we see King Alfonso XIII of Spain stop swigging the Rioja in 1941. First President of India, Rajendra Prasad took his independence to another level in 1963. 26th Prime Minister of Sweden, Sven Olaf Joachim Palme ran out of policies in 1986. Film director Ishiō Honda responsible for Godzilla must have scared himself to death in 1993. Star of sometime mildly amusing sit-com Father Ted, Dermot John Morgan needed a proper Father to officiate at his funeral in 1998. Hotel owner Baron Charles (Carmine) Forte, checked out for the last time in 2007. Hollywood sex symbol Ernestine Jane Geraldine Russell had a paleface from 2011. Mastermind of the Great Train Robbery, Bruce Richard Reynolds didn’t manage to blag his way out of death in 2013. Finally, Dermot Morgan’s co-star in Father Ted, Father Jack Hewitt or Frank Kelly wasn’t turning green, rather a pale white in 2016.


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