Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 2nd March

Having started yesterday’s posting with a Dalai Lama, we kick today’s off with a Pope -Adriaan Florensz Boeyens who ended up being the 218th incumbent in the Vatican as Pope Adrian VI, but didn’t quite have the immaculate conception in 1459. Founder of library bearing his name in Oxford, Thomas Bodley wasn’t over due in 1545. Politician with the oversized improvised bow tie who was responsible for bringing Texas into the United States, Samuel ‘Sam’ Houston didn’t have a problem being born in 1793. Another Pope who entered the world in Italy, (so didn’t have too far to move into the Vatican) in 1810 as Vincenzo Giacchino Raffaele Luigi Pecci and had to pray for 68 years to become Pope Leo XIII in 1878. Carl Christian Jacobsen founding brewer of drunks favourite tipple Carlsberg Special Brew (among others), wasn’t bitter at being born in 1842. Third Pope of the day born in 1876, who you may guess was also Italian, Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli had to wait until 1939 until the white smoke billowed forth before assuming the title Pope Pius XII. Stop motion animator Willis Harold O’Brien started moving about freely in 1886. Theodore Seuss Geisel, writer and cartoonist who went by the pen name Dr. Seuss illustrated what can be achieved in life from 1904. Inventor of the PAL colour television system, Walter Bruch flickered into being back in 1908. Arch Bish of Westminster (London), Basil Hume had his calling in 1923. Ex-leader of the Soviet Union with the rather large centre parting and birth mark on his head, Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev experienced Glasnost from 1931. American footballer, Howard Albert ‘Hopalong’ Cassady started crawling a few months after his birth in 1934. 34th President of Chile, Ricardo Froilán Lagos Escobar warmed up a bit in 1938. Also born that year, singer with The Four Tops Albert Payton reached out. Iconic songsmith Lewis Allen ‘Lou’ Reed wasn’t growing up in public from 1942. Blues/rock singer Rory Gallagher left his calling card in 1948. One half of sibling easy listening group, The Carpenters – Karen Anne Carpenter’s parents were on top of the world in 1950. Another perma-smiled white toothed member of family group, The Osmonds – Jay Wesley Osmond joined his brothers in 1955. Welsh divot maker Ian Harold Woosnam was on par after being born in 1958. Rock singer with the hair who must have been partly responsible for the depletion of the ozone layer in the 80’s, John Francis Bongiovi or just Jon Bon Jovi was slippery when wet in 1962. Sandy haired James Bond actor Daniel Wroughton Craig made a less than secretive entrance to the world in 1968. Comedian/game show host/old biddies favourite singer Alexander Henry Fenwick Armstrong found life begins in 1970. Comedian David James ‘Dave’ Gorman wasn’t old enough in 1971 to ask, ‘Are you Dave Gorman?’ Ex-Mr Paltrow, eater of macro biotic diets (read grass and other earthly goods), singer with hated band Coldplay, Christopher Anthony John ‘Chris’ Martin had a rush of blood to the head in 1977. Also born that year, ex-English cricket captain Andrew John Strauss started out in South Africa. Daughter of Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger, Elizabeth Scarlett ‘Lizzy’ Jagger was a model child from 1984.

As for deaths, Floris II, Count of Holland or Floris the Fat, managed to lose some weight in 1121. Ancient royal of the week, Anne of Denmark – Queen of Scotland, England and Ireland started to lead an entirely separate life from 1619. Founder of the Methodist movement, John Wesley obviously had enough of preaching to the converted in 1791. Composer with a taxi app named in his honour, Friedrich Christian Hermann Uber had his last ride to the graveyard in 1822. Tsar Nicholas I of Russia (who also tacked on King of Poland and Grand Duke of Finland to that), battled on until 1855. Novelist David Herbert (D.H.) Laurence lost the plot in 1930. Archaeologist/ Egyptologist who found Tutankhamun’s tomb, Howard Carter found out what it was like to be in an enclosed space for good from 1939. Inventor of the padlock, Harry E. Soref locked himself out in 1957. Gauloises smoking singer/songwriter born Lucien Ginsberg but known as Serge Gainsborg went mort in 1991. Peroxide blonde with the bouffant hairdo, Mary Isobel Catherine Bernadette O’Brien aka Dusty Springfield found herself quite dusty after her cremation in 1999. Blind blues guitarist Norman Jeffrey ‘Jeff’ Healey didn’t get to leave a light on after 2008, rather leaving it to his fans to light a candle instead. Finally, dead Norwegian of the day goes to Bjørn Skau who hopped on the last rattler in 2013.


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